Walt Disney World will decrease park hours starting in September

New hours will go live on September eighth

Every one of the four amusement parks at Walt Disney World will begin downsizing their long periods of activity in September.

Beginning on Tuesday, September eighth, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom will all close an hour ahead of schedule, while Epcot will close two hours ahead of schedule. The new park hours can be seen on Disney World’s site.

Disney declined to remark on why it is shortening amusement park hours. Because of the pandemic, Disney has included new security measures, including constraining the quantity of guests conceded into the parks and expanding its parks cleaning plans.

Disneyland and Disney World were shut in March due to the coronavirus. Disney World in Florida resumed in July, while Disneyland in California stays shut. In its Q3 profit this month, Disney detailed that its amusement parks division took a $3.5 billion hit to its working pay because of the pandemic.