We Heard You! How TCL worked on Customer Feedback to Develop its breeva Air Purifier Range

In some instances, our customers often design the best products. Consumers know what they want, and their feedback is integral to providing the exact product they are looking for. If customer feedback isn’t taken seriously, you risk your audience moving onto someone else who can deliver. TCL worked with extensive customer feedback to develop its breeva Air Purifier Range offering exceptional quality at a great price.

Available on Indiegogo, the breeva Air Purifier comes in two models, the A2 and A3. With a 99.97% filtration rate, it filters microns such as viruses, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and other allergens down to 0.3, increasing indoor air quality. “Allergens can be particularly troublesome for our customers,” explains the creators. “Whether uncomfortable due to allergy season or pets, the breeva Air Purifier increases the quality of life for our customers.”

Indoor air quality is paramount and what TCL found in researching their customer feedback is that consumers are looking for purification and sterilization. Sterilization became a top priority last year, ensuring people’s safety. breeva Air Purifiers come with UV-C sterilization certification from the renowned SGS laboratory. breeva Air Purifiers possess technology to sterilize particles and promote a healthy home environment.

A third-party testing result from the highly respected laboratory SGS showed that the breeva Air Purifier has a CADR of 293.4 m³/h. Tested at the highest speed, the air purifier has an unsurpassed virus elimination effect.

“​Safe air and healthy homes are the goal for our customers,” explains the design experts. “Before sitting down to create our prototype, we surveyed our customers compiling their feedback to design the best product on the market.” A humidifier and air purifier in one TCL is giving their customers exactly what they want, and they anticipate the product will be ready to ship in June 2021. Following the pandemic, air purification is big business. We are what we breathe, making technology and design crucial. The air in our homes should be clean, and customers won’t settle for less. With spring season around the corner, let the breeva Air Purifier make your home more comfortable with cleaner, fresher air.