With the San Francisco 49ers has Jimmy Garoppolo may have taken his last snap?

Almost three years to the day after the 49ers exchanged for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Garoppolo may have taken his last snap in San Francisco.

With the divulgence from coach Kyle Shanahan on Tuesday that Garoppolo may require season-finishing medical procedure to fix another and diverse high lower leg sprain to a similar lower leg on which he recently endured a high lower leg sprain, the following inquiry becomes whether Garoppolo will re-visitation of the 49ers in 2021.

Addressing columnists on Tuesday, Shanahan seemed like a person who actually has confidence in Garoppolo.

“I’ve got a good idea with Jimmy and what Jimmy is capable of doing, and that’s why he’s been here,” Shanahan said. “People get better when they play more and that’s what I feel for Jimmy on. One, Jimmy gives us the best chance to win. He’s proven that, and it’s hard that he’s not going to be here for, to me, probably about at least six weeks, because it’s harder to win without him. Regardless of that, I want Jimmy playing as much as possible because I know when he does, he’ll only get better from the experiences of it. I think that’d be the most frustrating thing about it after having the best chance to win.”

Garoppolo has had blended exhibitions, and maybe more critically he has missed an excess of time because of injury. In 2018, a Week Three ACL tear finished his season rashly. This year, he has missed two full games and could now miss the last eight.

In six games this season, Garoppolo has seven score passes and five capture attempts.

At that point there’s the truth that, after he three interceptable passes in the divisional round against Minnesota, Shanahan transformed Garoppolo into Bob Griese, calling pursue run and restricted Garoppolo to eight pas endeavors in the NFC Championship prevail upon Green Bay.

Garoppolo has two years left on his five-year, $27.5 million every year contract, with compensations of $24.1 million out of 2021 and $24.2 million out of 2022. The 49ers thought about marking Tom Brady in March, and their straightforwardness could be viewed as a notice to Garoppolo.

At least, the 49ers ought to think about all alternatives for 2021, given that they can disavow Garoppolo at a cap charge of just $2.8 million. He could be exchanged to a group like the Patriots, or he could be cut.

The inquiry at that point becomes whether the 49ers would supplant him with a draft pick or a veteran from another group. Some have proposed that Shanahan might need to rejoin with Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, whom Shanahan instructed to a MVP grant in 2016.

Others have recommended that Shanahan might need to rejoin with Kirk Cousins, the quarterback Shanahan probably needed to land before the group exchanged for Garoppolo.

Notwithstanding, among wounds and occasional inadequacy, it could be the ideal opportunity for the 49ers to proceed onward from Garoppolo. They don’t pick up anything by unveiling their expectations now. What’s more, his last opportunity to change minds inside the association will depend on whether he can play again this season.