A List To Admire: Nav Shah And His Ventures

Nav Shah is an individual who enjoys his ventures into the numerous industries he is currently investing in. Very ahead of his time, he had it all planned out from a very young age and slowly but steadily he has made a prominent place in this complex world.

Let us have a look at the number of fields he is involved in:

  1. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency trading means investing in the world of cryptocurrency, this is very easy means of earning money at a very short period of time by making the right investment choice. such choices are made only by experts who look at the true potential of any thing of value. Recently, India was trying very hard to put in heavy taxation on cryptocurrency, but there were some changes to be made and there are some changes that are still being decided. What is sure is that cryptocurrency has become a big deal in the present date, since more and more people are knowing about the market and they are trying to invest smartly here. But, as we give a deeper thought into it, we notice how Difficult it is for people to actually earn money without going through a lot of risk. Nav Shah might be a school drop out, but he has done his research and he has been very efficient in this field. Not just increasing his money threefold, but also recognising the true market strategies, he is gaining financially as well as intellectually.
  2. Music: Nav Shah is a huge music enthusiast, and he has always been so because he does not remember one day in his life when he has not relied on music. Originally, music is meant to make people feel certain emotions that they have been longing to for a very long time now. Most importantly, whenever people feel upset they turned towards music, even in happy moments and occasions we play music while celebrating, we observe how close it is to every person. Similarly, Nav Shah two values the true essence of music and himself contributes in the industry. He has written more than 2000 compositions. One of the greatest achievements in his life is composing 100 of he’s true for regionals in just a year. This does not mean that the quality of his content is monotonous, it is all from a wide range of genre to target audience from different backgrounds also who enjoy a variety of music.
  3. Poetry: Poetry is something that Nav Shah should be really proud of. He has always been a great enthusiast, and it is from within that he writes. Having faced a greater part of life in a very deeper level, he certainly understands what can bring out the true emotions. His  poems are really worth the read!

With so much enthusiasm and vigour, Nav Shah has come a very long walk in his life. With a lot more to achieve in the future, he continues to work hard. He owes it all to the support of his family and his own determination!