Frontier Airlines plane overshoots runway at Reagan airport close to D.C., grinds to a halt in the grass

A Frontier Airlines flight overshot the runway at Reagan International Airport close to Washington, D.C., on Friday night prior to halting in a grassy region, as per reports.

Frontier Flight 538 from Denver arrived at 10:30 p.m. ET, as indicated by FOX 5 in D.C. No wounds were accounted for.

A Twitter client who professed to be a traveler on the flight told WJLA-TV that the “plane Descended really fast, didn’t touch wheels to the runway until halfway down, two jarring sounds/bumps, a swerve into the grass where we dropped and stopped.”

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said in an articulation that the Airbus A320 landed securely prior to halting and travelers would be transported to the terminal, as indicated by WJLA.

One traveler tweeted the transports showed up after travelers stayed on the plane for about 60 minutes.

“Finally got off #Frontier at DCA so we legit were completely in the grass,” Dasha Afanaseva tweeted. “This is the craziest thing!”

The runway was briefly closed down so teams could survey the circumstance, FOX 5 revealed.

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