You May Use Wi-Fi While Traveling with T-Mobile’s New 5G Internet Service

Home Internet Plus and Away are the two new home internet options that T-Mobile has launched. That is, in theory, one plan for internet at home and one plan for use elsewhere. T-Mobile’s new 5G internet service flavors have various target markets in mind, but they all have the same end objective in mind: using that lovely 5G spectrum for purposes more than merely keeping our phones connected.

Crucially, a footnote in T-Mobile’s press release states that “extended use in the same location” is not permitted with the new Away plan. For campers and RV owners, it’s essentially a rival to Starlink, but instead of utilizing satellite connectivity, it functions more like an enhanced cellular hotspot.

It comes with two data capacity options: up to 200GB for $110 per month or limitless for $160 per month (both pricing with autopay activated). It can connect up to 64 devices at once, which seems like lot more than an RV can actually store. It will be accessible as of May 8.

All the capabilities of T-Mobile’s base plan are included in Home Internet Plus, starting with a gateway router that converts cellular signal into Wi-Fi in homes. In addition, a mesh access point is included to help extend the signal to an additional 2,200 square feet of corners in your house, as per T-Mobile’s assessment. Additionally, Assurant provides you with round-the-clock technical help. On April 26th, Home Internet Plus will go on sale for $70 a month with autopay.

The main moneymakers for carriers as we head into the middle of the 5G era are fixed wireless services like T-Mobile’s home internet. Large-scale service was first made available by T-Mobile, but as Verizon’s mid-band 5G spectrum becomes available, it has been making inroads into the market. Reluctantly at first, even fiber-centric AT&T eventually joined in. Similar to Verizon, they have hefty 5G expenses to cover. Either way, it appears that T-Mobile will be expanding its efforts to package this service for various clients in the near future.