Android 12 Beta 5: Pixel phones will advise clients that charging is restricted when overheating


Google recently added a new feature to Pixel cell phones that is intended to hold battery health by restricting charging in specific conditions. Presently, in Android 12, Google is extending this limit so your Pixel will restrict charging when the phone is overheating.

The way things are today, Google Pixel phones will automatically stop charging and limit battery ability to 80% when the phone has been on a charger, regardless of whether that be wired or wireless, for a lengthy timeframe, around four days.

Google will likewise restrict battery charging when your Pixel phone is overheating, apparently beginning with Android 12. We discovered strings in the update that detail a notice that clients will see saying that “Your phone is limiting charging to help preserve battery health.” Another message says that “Charging [is] temporarily limited.” A “learn more” button interfaces out to a help page that clarifies different things Pixels might do when they begin to overheat.

Your phone is limiting charging to help preserve battery health
Learn more
Resume charging
Charging temporarily limited

What these strings don’t obviously advise us, however, is the way Google is restricting charging. It’s conceivable this could bring about a similar 80% cap as referenced before, however all things considered, Google is easing back the pace of charging. Truth be told, “slow charging” is referenced on the linked page, so it’s conceivable this conduct previously existed and Google is a few seconds ago adding an apparent notice for what’s happening. It’s unclear if this change will come to older Android versions also.

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