Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Secret Revealed: The High-Tech Gear Behind the Stunning Videos

Apple’s recent ‘Scary Fast’ event, which left viewers in awe with its stunning visuals, was filmed using an iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it’s not just the iPhone that made this cinematic magic happen; behind the scenes, professional studio equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars played a crucial role.

In a behind-the-scenes peek at Apple’s Monday evening event, the curtain was pulled back to show that the mesmerizing footage was captured with the assistance of a comprehensive suite of professional recording gear and studio lighting. The video and still images from the event highlight the need for a range of high-end equipment, including drones, gimbals, dollies, industrial set lighting, and other recording accessories, to achieve the exceptional quality of iPhone-shot footage.

This is not the first time Apple has used such setups to film events using iPhones. The Burberry spring/summer 2014 fashion show was also captured with the help of Apple’s technology, albeit with a less extreme setup.

While Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaigns are a fantastic way to showcase the remarkable camera quality of their smartphones, it’s important to note that achieving similar results at home is not as simple as owning the latest iPhone. The equipment featured in the “Scary Fast” behind-the-scenes footage is standard for large studio productions, and Apple’s message is clear: anyone can produce such content with the newest iPhone, provided they have access to these professional tools.

For a comparison, consider the recording setup used by Olivia Rodrigo to film her “shot on iPhone” music video for “Get Him Back!” using an iPhone 15 Pro. While the equipment was similar, the scale was significantly smaller, highlighting that even with a powerful device, not everyone can recreate the grandeur of an Apple production.