Battlefield V is abruptly one of Steam’s top ten games

Battlefield V had a free weekend, and out of nowhere became one of the greatest games on Steam. Indeed, It’s no real shock that individuals like free stuff. In any case, similarly as with the Battlefield 1 promotion before it, individuals are proceeding to play even after the free promotion is finished. Battlefield V has even gotten into Steam’s top ten most played games.

The Steam version of Battlefield V arrived at a peak of 69,342 concurrent players today, as SteamDB shows. As of this composition, that makes it the 10th greatest game on Steam today, in front of favorites like Rainbow Six Siege. BFV’s peak during the free weekend was 76,456, so there’s scarcely been any drop-off since the promotion finished.

The game is presently partaking in a 90% discount through September 8, bringing the price down to $4.99/£5.49/€5.99. Plainly, that has been incentive enough to keep individuals playing past the free time frame. We saw a comparative impact with Battlefield 1 earlier this year, however the Battlefield V numbers have demonstrated significantly more noteworthy.

That doesn’t even completely account for everybody getting access, either. Battlefield V is presently free-to-keep through Prime Gaming, yet that service gives Origin codes – those players aren’t reflected in the Steam player counts.

EA’s efforts to bring the publicity in front of the Battlefield 2042 release date positively appear to be paying off.