Cheng Tseng biography


Cheng Tseng Currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of  Vandera Trading Ltd since June 5, 2019.

As CEO he ensured was opened to online clients in 2020 and completed its first round of Series A Funding.

He was also a board member on Cryptopia from June 5, 2017 till february 18, 2018. He was previously Chief technological officer in the defunct forex firm Marketiva and lead Consultant at coinexchange and held positions in several other Blockchain companies.

He holds an MBA from University of Beijing and Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from Mcgill University. He has more than 25 years at Different companies from positions as Vice President, Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development and Investment Director at Dolphin Group Venture Capital. He has commercial, industrial and financial experience.

What is the salary of Cheng Tseng?

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of  Vandera trading Ltd, the total compensation of Cheng is about 250,000 USD per Annum There are no executives at Vandera getting paid more. His personal net worth is valued at 5Million USD.

The Vandera Board is assisted By Brian Yang, a second-generation Chinese-American who doubles as the Chief Technological officer of

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