Chicago Santana: Is Back On Music Scene

After battling legal Issues through the last few years, Chicago Santana is back on the music scene. 

Chicago Santana was born Santana Sylvania Woods on 4/23/1995. He was born in Landover in the Maryland area & grew up in Washington D.C 

Santana is affiliated with the likes of Jamaican-born rapper Waka Flocka Flame and renowned star Gucci mane. Chicago Santana is known for his hit singles Trapped out ft. Gucci mane & Young Dolph, ‘Rap money trap money’, and ‘Back in the kitchen’. Chicago Santana has always targeted ‘the streets’ as his audience and has made a footprint in the mainstream scene with radio plays worldwide & millions of views on streaming platforms 

Chicago Santana’s  I Might ( Shot By @UkNotwitty ) features sick beats and lyrics that get you pumped up. His latest hit Trapped Out ft. Gucci Mane, Young Dolph uses old school 808s to set up a distinct vibe. Gucci Mane lays down bars in his signature laid back style.

Chicago Santana States “ I love music but you have to find balance and also deal with real-life”.  Life is about growth. You can’t be a rapper & in the streets at the same time. If you are, you going to fail. It is important to sustain oneself and be independent. 

After being dismissed on charges of federal homicide, drug trafficking and firearms trade that were later dismissed, Chicago says “ if you do music you’re a target if you did something or not so keep that in mind” 

Chicago Santana has gone viral several times over the years. Popular memes & motivational quotes refer to him as “ Santana La Gangsta”.

He seems to be much more than a hip hop artist. Santana has even been in a few short films & movies 

With a net worth of 500-800k, Santana has left a lasting impact on the music scene.  

Other than entertainment Chicago Santana deals with many business ventures. He keeps involved in trading stocks and bonds, real estate investments. He has taken up a side hustle as an entrepreneur and investor. 
In the relationship realm, Chicago seems to be a free spirit. He is often spotted on secret vacations and dates with socialite Blac Chyna, artists Dream Doll, and Sukihana, just To name a few. He never confirmed anything but revealing DMs, pictures and videos have surfaced in the public domain, suggesting involvement with multiple women.