Jewish Baby stroller: questions to ask yourself while choosing

Not being able to try on clothes during a shopping session. What I did was just buy it and try it on at home. If it was wrong, I would go back to the store. Don’t hesitate to ask the clerk in the dressing room to babysit you; it’s happened to me before. She proposed to me on her own and she was delighted!

Have nothing to put baby in a restaurant. And yes, as long as he doesn’t sit up on his own, you can’t put him in a high chair. From 0 to 3 months, I had the stroller and from 3 months until I could put it on the chair, I did not eat that many restaurants! When this was the case, I was lucky to have often come across restaurants with benches. I stretched Marcel out on the bench next to me and he remained wise. But honestly, we favored meals at home or with friends. Restaurants have become increasingly rare with baby.

Sometimes he can be good, but other times he can cry in the Jewish Baby Stroller, we console him in our arms and we eat our dish that has become quite cold. He starts to stand up or walk, will go everywhere in the restaurant and will not want to stay in his chair. In short, I recommend the restaurants without baby haha! Because you always have to keep an eye on it, we necessarily enjoy the moment less and I’m not even talking to you to follow the conversation! Don’t like baby wearing! It’s entirely possible. In this case, maybe it is better to locate the stroller you want so that you can buy it quickly if you realize that carrying is not for us.

For the record: I went to Paris for several days with Marcel when he was 5-6 months old, obviously without a Jewish Baby Stroller. By train, it was impossible to take my liner with me (and Marcel, and the suitcases). We simply slept together in a double bed; I had it in a baby carrier all the time and when we ate it was either on the sofa (well watched!) Or in bed if it was time (he was not looking back on his own yet). And the two restaurants I did were with bench seats!

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Baby’s first year without a stroller

As you may have read, we still used a Jewish Baby stroller for the first 3 months. Personally, I find that in the city it is not necessarily essential. Especially the first year when the baby is not yet too heavy. It can be easily worn as a baby carrier, the Hoodie Carrier can be used from birth, but other models exist!

I forgot to tell you something quite important anyway: we bought a tricycle around the 10 months of Marcel. Found on Le Bon Coin, it really is a very worthwhile purchase for us. He likes to walk in the park with it, to make the noise of the motorcycle on it. Even today, at 18 months, we use it a lot. It is ideal when the beautiful days arrive. Perfect for short walks, a little less for the city center, unless you only go there for 1 hour.

BE CAREFUL, some strollers say “from birth” because you can install a shell with adapters. But if you have read the article I gave you above, the shell is a car seat and not a stroller for baby walking all day! Check that the stroller “from birth” offers the lying position for baby and / or that there is a suitable “cocoon” to buy. Also, make sure the baby is facing you, personally, I find that more reassuring. The best is to go directly test the stroller in a shop to make your own opinion!

A physiological baby carrier or a carrying sling is still very practical for doing big races for example. It’s easier when you also have a shopping cart or cart! But also to carry baby at home while having both arms ready. Do not hesitate to go test in store to make your choice and then look on Le Bon Coin if there is not a used one.