Cisco net income and EPS decrease by 12% in Q2 2021

Cisco reported second quarter results for the period ended January 23, 2021. Cisco reported second quarter revenue of $12.0 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.5 billion or $0.60 per share, and non-GAAP net income of $3.4 billion or $0.79 per share.

On a GAAP basis, net income was $2.5 billion, a decrease of 12%, and EPS was $0.60, a decrease of 12%. On a non-GAAP basis, net income was $3.4 billion, an increase of 2%, and EPS was $0.79, an increase of 3%.

This release includes non-GAAP net income, non-GAAP gross margins, non-GAAP operating expenses, non-GAAP operating income and margin, non-GAAP effective tax rates, non-GAAP interest and other income (loss), net, and non-GAAP net income per share data for the periods presented. It also includes future estimated ranges for gross margin, operating margin, tax provision rate and EPS on a non-GAAP basis.


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