Dolphins getting calls from teams intrigued by pick No. 6 in the 2021 NFL Draft

Miami’s pre-draft action probably won’t be done presently.

The Dolphins, members in two trades including first-round gets the lead to the current month’s talent selection, have gotten calls from teams hoping to trade up to the sixth-overall pick, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport detailed. Miami is thinking about such a move out of the spot, Rapoport added.

The current year’s draft has effectively had a touch of exciting and fairly uncommon pick-swapping close to the top of its opening round. Miami at first possessed the No. 3 pick not in light of its own performance (scarcely missing the playoffs landed them at eighteenth overall), but since of the appalling year that 2020 was for the Texans, who had sent their 2021 first-rounder to Miami for tackle Laremy Tunsil two years prior. A month ago, Miami at that point sent that pick to San Francisco for a threesome of first-round picks, including San Francisco’s 2021 first, which was 12th overall.

Not long after the deal with San Francisco, the Philadelphia Eagles got included, moving back from 6th overall to 12th in a deal with Miami, finishing a moving exertion that got future selections and kept the Dolphins within the top six. It shows up as though Dolphins general manager Chris Grier stays keen on utilizing his team’s position to get much more capital, given the correct offer is introduced to Miami.

The Dolphins’ move out of three signaled a commitment to Tua Tagovailoa, basically removing them from the quarterback derby and establishing 2021 as Tagovailoa’s season. With quarterback proceeding to ascend in fame (i.e., Mac Jones’ rocket-like ascension from mid-to-late first round pick to possibly third overall), the interest for a high pick has likewise expanded. Miami has effectively profited by such a longing once in its exchange with San Francisco. Should another QB-destitute group track down an appealing possibility accessible at six, the Dolphins may very well be progressing once more.

It took the 49ers different firsts to pry the third-overall pick from the Dolphins. It will probably need as a lot to climb between now and April 29. A desperate bidder may very well get it going.