Facebook says it trusts new EU legislation will ‘set boundaries’ for Apple

Facebook is indeed taking swipes at Apple, this time with respect to new legislation in the European Union that focuses on how Apple runs the App Store and its preinstalled, first-party applications. In an articulation to Reuters, a Facebook representative said that the organization “hopes” the new legislation will “set boundaries for Apple.”

As we revealed toward the morning, there are two sections to the proposed EU legislation. First is the Digital Markets Act, or DMA, which could drive Apple to change how its own applications appear in App Store look and permit clients to uninstall all preloaded applications.

The subsequent part is the Digital Services Act, which would influence organizations like Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media services the most. The DSA centers around tending to “illegal and harmful content by asking platforms to rapidly take it down.”

At the point when gotten some information about the proposed changes in the EU, Facebook utilized it as an opportunity to take one more hit at Apple, saying that Apple utilizes its capacity to “harm developers and consumers.” Facebook’s full statement:

“We hope the DMA will also set boundaries for Apple,” a Facebook spokesman said. “Apple controls an entire ecosystem from device to app store and apps, and uses this power to harm developers and consumers, as well as large platforms like Facebook,” he said.

Facebook’s remarks come the day after Apple turned out new App Privacy labels on the App Store, intended to make clients more aware of the information each application gathers and what’s finished with that date.