Filmmaker Antoine de Bujadoux Promotes Men’s Health Through Comedic Short-films

Subjects like testicular or prostate cancer are quite challenging to discuss for the public. However, we cannot ignore thissubject for long. These are already happening to men in great numbers, which French film director Antoine de Bujadouxhas studied and narrated pretty well.

Antoine de Bujadoux has shot multiple films on the subject of testicular and prostate cancer. He realized notmany of us talk about it. He brought to lifehumor and dark comedy throughhis videos. Even the French audience recognized these videos to be fantastic and madethem go viral. Many of his ideas are on “No Shave Movember,” which depicts the value of men’s hygiene. Antoine de Bujadoux speaks about a humorous way to direct the viral French movies on men, “The movie called Un vrai film de boules has won quite a few spots in multiple film festivals already. Its English version would be ‘A Real Movie of Balls.’ Here I am narrating that we should consider testicular cancer as a game. It’s real and happening to many men around the globe already. I only added humor to make it funny, discussable, and shareable. That’s how the content easily went viral in a short time. My team and I have directed manysuch movies in the most comedic fashion. I also work on the aesthetic appeal of the products used in the cinema. For instance, we actually used bowling and pins to spread the message protecting one’s balls or testicles.”

Antoine de Bujadoux was born and brought up in Paris, France. He is the son of Yves de Bujadoux, a famous French music composer. He has done his masters in Creative Business (2015-16) from EDHEC Business School followed by a pre-master degree in cinema (2013-16). He currently owns a social media company, Supertonio Ltd. It is 1.5+ years already. He freelances as a director and filmmaker since 2016. His films won 100+ notable recognition and placements in film festivals like Sacramento French Film Festival, Festival Off-Courts Trouville Independent Film Awards, Les Hérault du Cinéma et de la Télé, and others.

A blend of farmer’s life, bowling alley, and the satire of testicular cancer are so wicked that you would eventually roll on the floor laughing while imagining the same. That’s how appealing director Antoine de Bujadoux loves to make his content—the content with humility and thought-provoking message.