How to Find Your Destiny?

If you look around you, the truth is everywhere. With the stars in the sky, the deep oblivion of space, and the infinite universe, you have no choice but to accept there is something bigger than us out there. Everything, every aspect of our universe, is operating to perfection. If there is even a slight imbalance in the configuration of quantum science, everything we see today will implode.

Hence, to conclude this theory, everything you see around you is operating perfectly to a molecular level just so you can exist. You are more important than what you give yourself credit for. Considering that, the odds of you being born are one in four trillion. When you consider all these factors, you think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you are here for a reason. A destiny that is yet to be fulfilled.

But how does one find their destiny?

Finding Your Destiny

Tauzuri Jones, a young protagonist in K.I. Price’s beautiful fantasy fiction series, Chosen: The Path of Heroes, is someone who, too, feels the burden of not knowing his true purpose. He struggles to find his destiny.

As we step into adolescence, we find ourselves confused. We look around and see people being good at whatever they set their minds to, yet we struggle to find answers. Picked last in gym class, eating your lunch alone during recess, bullied in school… For all of those that relate, it’s not your fault.

Even Superman was ostracized for being different…before he became the man with the red cape. Little does young Zuri know he will soon find his version of a red cape.

Your Destiny

The actual test of your time here on earth is to have faith and to believe in what is not seen. This not only includes God but the potential you possess.

If you look past the negative emotions that cloud your thinking, you will find nothing but potential. It’s not that you have nothing particular in you or a purpose; it’s just that you haven’t been exposed to the right path. You just aren’t in an environment that has been able to help you grow.

The key is not giving up and being patient in pursuing your destiny.

If you falter, you might miss out on the abundance waiting for you. The thing about life and destiny is that sometimes you don’t have to chase it. It finds and chooses you.

As Zuri blows out the candle  on his thirteenth birthday, he, too, finds his calling, one that transcends his or anyone’s imagination. Zuri finds that he is among the four heroes chosen to defeat a universal threat and is invited on a quest to save the world.

Where he found himself purposeless, he now has immense responsibility on his shoulders.

To all the Zuri’s reading this right now, take heart, be brave, and be patient. You never know when you might just be chosen, too.

Find out what came of Zuri’s date with destiny as he embarks on the journey of a lifetime in the first installment of K.I. Price’s series, Chosen: The Path of Heroes.