Google for India 2023 live updates: Pixel smartphones will be manufactured in India

Google announced at its Google for India 2023 event that it will be manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India. This is the first time that Google will be manufacturing its Pixel smartphones outside of China.

The Pixel smartphones are known for their excellent cameras and clean software experience. They are also among the first smartphones to receive Android updates.

Google has partnered with Foxconn to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India. The first Pixel smartphones made in India are expected to be available in early 2024.

This is a significant development for the Indian smartphone market. It will make Pixel smartphones more affordable and accessible to Indian consumers. It will also create jobs and boost the Indian economy.

Here is a brief summary of the benefits of manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India:

  • More affordable and accessible Pixel smartphones for Indian consumers
  • Creation of jobs and boost to the Indian economy
  • Reduced shipping time and carbon footprint
  • Better understanding of the needs of Indian consumers and the Indian market

Overall, the manufacturing of Pixel smartphones in India is a positive development for both Google and Indian consumers.