How to make a remote-first approach work – with Albert Sheeler

In light of current events, many organizations are feeling the effects of life’s unpredictability. With many organizations canceling in-person events and meetings and imposing temporary work-from-home policies, companies are quickly realizing how prepared they really are to handle these unexpected events.  So we asked Albert Sheeler – the CEO of SINSA

Cosmetics SAS, an upcoming skincare brand in the Latin American market – to tell us how to choose the perfect name for your business.

How do you define Remote-First?

I define Remote-First as a culture that is woven into the DNA of an organization where physical location is not important to doing business and maintaining an organization’s identity. The Remote-First culture ensures that every employee – whether remote or in the office – has the same experience, and it’s not just about technology or tools. It means treating remote employees the same way you would want to be treated and not as second-class citizens.

Why should we think about Remote-First now?

The current climate doesn’t bode well for face-to-face collaboration, and that’s impacting people and companies around the world.  Organizations are rethinking where work gets done and in my simplistic world, I’ve always believed that work is an activity and not a place. Yet this is far from the reality for many organizations.

From your perspective, why do you think this is the case for most organizations?

Too often remote work is seen as a luxury. It’s perceived as something that you have to earn and that HR gets blamed for if you can’t do it. I have been able to advise, implement and have technical architectures in place to make this happen, but the one thing that is often overlooked is the human aspect of remote work.

Right now, many workers will be working remotely for the first time. What should we do if our home is not set up for an office?

Well, don’t stress if you have kids in the house and you’re on a work call. My advice here is to play it forward and tell people at the beginning of the call that they might hear animated character sounds and voices in the background. 

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