Iman Naderipour Say : Music in Iran is more commercial than cultural

What is your definition of a reader?  Is there a specialized academic field in this field?

   You see, I personally tell a singer that he must have three qualities, first, he sings technically well and fair and in harmony with any voice, second, he can express the sense of words differently than anyone else.  , the so-called Koche Bazari is our own emotional person, the reader must have the ability to express his feelings word for word that comes out of his mouth.  In my opinion, this subject along with technique can make a good singer, but the third subject is very important in my opinion.  Unfortunately, these days we see less understanding of poetry and words, the reader must fully understand and understand the words he reads.  These days, we see that music that is so-called mega-hit has problems in the eyes of the audience in terms of the grammar of Persian literature, for example, the time of the poem is respected.

 All kinds of music singers

   They pursue a career other than music and earn money from it, and spend most of their time and energy on music, and there are a handful of people who can earn good money because of their fame and economic mind.

   There are also a group of singers who sell themselves to the producer with the lowest income so that they can experience the stage and achieve any goal they have after becoming famous.  Can you believe that I know a singer who goes and holds a concert for seven million Tomans, that is, less than the salary of a wedding singer, who performs just for the price of being seen.

In your opinion, what percentage of domestic or foreign concerts have backtracks?

   I have heard a lot about this issue these days and I must say that unfortunately it is not rare both in the field of music and in the singer himself, it is also the same abroad, with the difference that if he does not have a singer.  The ability to sing live instead chooses a group to perform that the audience enjoys the concert they go to, and the singer’s performance may not be seen much, but in Iran, concerts have no place for performance except for music.  sings and when the singer plays, even with this poor lip condition and poor performance, I think he can turn the concert into a night fight.

What is the main reason for the migration of a number of country singers?

   Look, I can only comment, but I can’t say the main reason, because this issue can be different for every reader

   The reason for the departure of some singers could be that they do not see a future for themselves due to the existence of the mafia in music, a group may have migrated due to progress in academic music education, the reason for the migration of a group may be that they cannot follow the rules.  They want somewhere else in the country other than their expression and heart, migration can have many reasons, but in my opinion, all the reasons are disappointment, usually one leaves the place that disappoints.

How many new works have you prepared and are going to be published?

   A new work is created every day, but due to my personal obsession and the speed of changing music tastes in the country, I have not released much work so far, but I want to make this promise to those who love and follow me.  a little  From now on, my head is much higher and I hope to God that the harmony is close