SUNROOOF The Wellness Lighting: Illuminating Basements with Sunlight

As modern technology continues to evolve, its influence on architecture develops. Innovative technologies, like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) enable architects to establish captivating experiences for clients and allow them to explore immersive virtual environments. Technology plays a pivotal role in architecture and transforms how architects and interior designers construct, design, and present their work.

SUNROOOF is the best example of modern technology, innovation, and design that aims to bring the sun inside basements. Basements are quite underutilized because of a lack of natural light. They feel dead and lifeless. This innovation in the Wellness Lighting Industry has taken place using AI (Artificial Intelligence), special optics, and nanotechnology.

What is the Buzz about SUNROOOF?

SUNROOOF is the world’s First Wellness Lighting System designed to recreate the experience of natural sunlight inside basements and other dark areas with restricted natural light. This revolutionary technology is developed using AI (Artificial Intelligence), advanced optics, and nano-technology. It allows users to feel the beauty and benefits of the sun in spaces traditionally devoid of natural light, such as basements. People usually do not utilize their basements because basements feel lifeless due to a lack of natural light. But now imagine your basements as Sunlit with an open sky courtyard feeling. With SUNROOOF anyone can increase the real estate of their buildings by transforming their basements into beautiful bedrooms, bars, lounges, offices, libraries, etc.… SUNROOOF not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but promotes wellness by delivering health benefits associated with sunlight exposure, such as happier moods, higher concentration, and better sleep cycles. This unique system is the world’s first innovation, combining modern architectural design with groundbreaking technology to revolutionize indoor environments, making them more joyful, focused, and conducive to improved sleep cycles. SUNROOOF’s commitment to wellness and technology makes it a game-changer in the field of indoor lighting solutions.

About the Company and Its Evolution

SUNROOOF is a subsidiary brand of the MAGPPIE Group, and it is extensively gaining popularity in the mainstream marketplace. The founder, Ishat dropped out from traditional schooling at the age of 15 years to follow his dreams and passion for entrepreneurship. From an early age, he showed an urge and interest in innovation and design. After dropping out from traditional schooling, he spent his next five years home schooling, studying entrepreneurship with great leaders and books. As a young entrepreneur, he envisioned SUNROOOF as big need in the upcoming world, where real estate is increasing by the day, but an important part of buildings, the basements are not utilised properly. This inspired him to start the business in 2019. SUNROOOF is the result of the founder’s deep passion for transforming and innovating newness in the architectural industry after 4 years of dedicated research and development. Ishat takes pride in his team in developing the first lighting system in the world that transforms any ceiling into the sky using AI, special optics and nano- technology. There are 5 scientists and researchers from nations like India, Italy and Germany who developed and designed the world’s first ceiling lighting system with Ishat. The success of SUNROOOF has encouraged Ishat to begin his second innovative venture in the same industry.

Advantages of Considering the SUNROOOF

  1. Firstly, SUNROOOF drastically influences our moods. SUNROOOF is designed to make the user more happier and reduce stress levels. This happens because the hormone in the human body, which is responsible for making us happier, relaxed, and calmer, is called serotonin, and it increases substantially under the SUNROOOF, similar to the real sun outside. SUNROOOF creates a positive environment and influences our emotions.
  2. Secondly, SUNROOOF creates an ideal light environment for a sound and deep sleep. Thanks to the technology and design, the SUNROOOF is always changing its brightness and colors according to the sky outside. In the morning it is warm and dim, in the afternoon it is bright and white and in the evening it is again warmer and dimmer. The SUNROOOF ensures the our internal sleeping cycles aligns with natures cycles, resulting in deeper, and more peaceful sleep every night.
  3. Lastly, SUNROOOF impacts and increases focus and concentration levels because of release of serotonin in the body. The presence of natural light indoors helps to enhance concentration and focus, which results in improved productivity at work.

How does it Work?

SUNROOOF is an advanced lighting technology that creates the appearance, experience, and feeling of sunlight. It operates on electricity and constantly changes its brightness and colours to match the exterior. In the morning, when the sun rises outside, the SUNROOOF emits daylight, and it is bright and white. As evening and night approaches, the SUNROOOF becomes warmer and softer, similar to the night sky. If the exterior sky is dark, the SUNROOOF is also dark. The idea is to replicate whatever is happening outside and bring it indoors. It gives the ideal light environment for the human body during the day and night for enhanced mood, better concentration, and improved sleep cycles.


SUNROOOF is committed to transforming the basements into beautiful open sky courtyards by creating experience of natural light and creating a healthier and more vibrant environment for people. Advanced technology and innovation are revolutionising the architectural field and allowing architects and interior designers to create more innovative, technologically- driven, and visually striking structures. Ishat’s vision for a bright and sunny interior is helping many homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, and colleges to experience daylight inside the room.