Intel’s Unison app will allow your PC to call and text from iOS or Android

During its Intel Innovation keynote yesterday, Intel uncovered a new app to integrate Windows PCs and cell phones. The Intel Unison app will allow you to make calls, send texts, and share from iOS and Android gadgets.

The new Unison app comes from Intel’s new acquisition of Screenovate, an Israeli organization known for creating screen mirroring technology.

This moment, Apple has its own integration with Mac and iOS. Microsoft has the Phone Link application for cell phone control on Windows, yet it just works with Android.

Intel Unison is an all-in-one app for both cell phone platforms

Intel Unison makes a connection between your Windows PC and your cell phone. You’ll have the option to use the application to send and receive calls, texts and otherwise share media from your phone to your PC.

For Windows clients who have been desirous of Apple’s integration between Mac and iOS, Intel’s Unison app could at long last provide us with the kind of connection we’ve been wanting.

Obviously, the Unison app isn’t accessible yet. What’s more, it may not at any point make it to prior Intel products. The organization at first intends to launch the application with a select list of 12th-gen Evo computers.

Intel Unison will advance toward future 13th-gen Intel systems sometime next year. It’s unclear if the application will ever make its way to older Intel hardware, as the organization wants to guarantee performance on the latest hardware.