Washington vs. Cowboys : Washington roll past Dallas Cowboys and into the first place in NFC East with four wins

The Cowboys followed by 4 points.

Quarterback Andy Dalton had quite recently surrendered to a sack, yielding fourth-and-10 at Dallas’ 24-yard line with 12:54 to play in the division matchup.

Punter Hunter Niswander focused on fourth-and-10.

He didn’t have to.

Cowpokes mentors rather dialed up a phony punt, a fly breadth invert via recipient Cedrick Wilson. Washington made Dallas pay, handling him a yard behind the line of scrimmage.

From that point forward, it took only one play for Washington’s Antonio Gibson to score his second of three scores, stretching out the Football Team to a twofold digit lead it wouldn’t surrender.

Washington’s 41-16 win slings the Football Team to 4-7, useful for a half-game lead on Philadelphia on the NFC East. It was Washington’s second win over the Cowboys this season. The WFT outscored Dallas 21-0 in the final quarter.

The Cowboys, 3-8, re-visitation of the division floor. Here are three additional things we learned in the Thanksgiving Day matchup:

Fourth downs

Gibson’s one-play score drive was the aftereffect of only one of three bombed Dallas fourth-down endeavors. Washington scored after two turnovers on downs talented them fields of less than 25 yards on which to score. The end-around switch counterfeit incited inquiries concerning play calling. The inquiries began far before, when the Cowboys confronted fourth-and-1 in the subsequent quarter and shunned Ezekiel Elliot to endeavor a pass to newbie collector CeeDee Lamb. The pass was deficient, tight end Dalton Schultz compounding an already painful situation with a 15-yard pointless harshness punishment. Washington changed over the 19-yard field into a score. The Cowboys never recovered their lead.

Red zone

In any event, when the Cowboys’ offense arrived at the red zone, they couldn’t change over. They agreed to handle objectives on every one of three outings, their solitary score going ahead a 54-yard pass from Andy Dalton to recipient Amari Cooper, who consumed Washington cornerback Ronald Darby. The Cowboys have underscored for quite a long time their need to ensure the ball and leave the red zone with 7 focuses. All things being equal, red zone scores never emerged, and they turned over the ball twice, a Dalton pick-six and an Elliott bobble. Dallas’ offense presently has 10 back to back games with a turnover. Elliott, expected to be their chief back, has bumbled multiple times and lost five.

Defensive energy moot

The Cowboys defensive line began solid, Randy Gregory counting his first sack in almost two years and a second one not long after. Guarded end DeMarcus Lawrence discovered strong weight. Dallas constrained mid three and outs. Be that as it may, by game’s end, they’d permitted Gibson alone 115 surging yards and three scores while Washington arranged 338 yards altogether. In the group’s first gathering, Gibson had 128 yards hurrying.

Grievous hostile and unique groups execution were a lot for the Cowboys to survive. Questions flourish for McCarthy, who hasn’t dominated back to back matches in 11 challenges in his first Dallas season.

The Cowboys are timetable to play the Ravens one week from now on Thursday Night Football.