Mixedbyac: Lifestory and Details Type a message

We are living in a world where we have all the facilities. We got the best vehicles, advanced houses that are full of luxuries, and many more. We must thank science that makes it possible for us to enjoy the latest technology and add them to our lives.

But still, some space in life can be filling by the music. If we talk about the types of music, we can’t describe it currently because people used to listen to music according to their moods and likings. The song genre may be any; there is no restriction of listening to any foreign music as the artist said:

Music has no boundaries.

It’s a true statement and can be proved with a simple example, Michel Jackson was an American singer, but his fans belong to different zones and regions of the world. This statement well defines this example, and still, we have many national and international players who belong to a country, but all would love their music.

On the other hand, it is not easy to produce music because it has many parts and departments that make a song or music. The music composer composes the music and music director create a rhythm or tune, singer sing the melody, and the lyricist write the songs, so the efforts of all these people come out as a perfect song.

There is another department in the music industry, and that is a mixing engineer. Today, we are going to discuss the American music mixing engineer known with the name ‘Mixedbyac,’ let’s have a look at his life story.  

Personal information:

His full name is Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo and belongs to Houston, Texas. He went to college for music but later had to leave because finanical issues with the school. According to the sources, he is only 23 years old and living with his passion. 

He worked as a Mixing Engineer at a local recording studio, but he left the job after starting his independent work. He is very good at music mixing; therefore, he also became a DJ for a few artists after a couple years. Music is the thing that provoked him to moved to Orlando, FL, and here his music journey started.

Today, he is 23 years old but a piece of successful music mixing engineer who had many records in credit. In 2019, Nobigdyl’s acclaimed  LOWERCASE TAPE was ranked 43 among the other 50 albums on the Genius Community and He also assisted on the song ’21 Girls’ for Aramis that hit more than a million streams on Spotify.  

How to contact him?

There is no use of any rocket science in contact with Mixedbyac. You can email him or contact him through the following platforms. Here are the details:

Twitter: @mixedbyac

Instagram: @mixedbyAc

Moreover, he has a professional website where you can get all the latest updates on his work. The link to the site is www.mixedbyac.com. There are a few people in the world who are successful in achieving their targets. Undoubtedly, Mixedbyac is one of the luckiest people in the world who are successfully making their identity.