Mohsen Avid talks about Iranian rap style and combining it with original music

Mohsen Parhizkar was born on September 8, 1993 in Tehran. He is known as Mohsen Avid and is currently one of the most famous rappers in Iran.

Recently, in an interview with an internal network, Mohsen mentioned the particular rap style he sings

“My songs are different from composing to writing poetry, and they are not at all like the music market in Iran, I write the best, and my audience does not seek to dismiss this at all,” he said.

Mohsen pointed out that he will soon introduce one of his new styles in rap music, a combination of hip hop music and original Iranian music.

In 2016, a music called “Don’t worry” by Mohsen Avid was released, 30% of which was original and traditional music, due to the good feedback that this music had in the Iranian market.

From that year until today, Mohsen sought to promote this style of music, until just a few days ago, when he announced on one of Iran’s domestic networks that he would soon release an album called “Look, I’m Here”, which combines hip hop and music. The original is published by him.

According to those around him, Mohsen Avid moral characteristics are audible. In 24 hours, he must sleep for 7 hours, he must exercise.

All his goals end in music, he even writes poetry in the car, he is kind, a little rough, humorous, he has many friends but very few close friends, he is married and has a daughter named Hamta,

It has its own rules in life and does not allow anyone to interfere in his personal life.

He is a family man, his motto is “first family” And always says that one should dedicate oneself to one’s family, his field is accounting university, he currently has a recording studio and supports many artists in it.