Motivational Speaker, Model, Actor, and Influencer Jaliel Thompson

We are always on the lookout of upcoming and promising social media influencers and today we are introducing Jaliel Thompson as the numbers seem promising.  Instagram is the hype of Social Media with over 1 Billion Active users.

Everyone is talking about these so called “influencers” nowadays, they’re the ones who change the world. Based on the apparel, lifestyle, and content on their social media they influence people from teens to aspiring influencers and other Instagram users.

On Instagram, we’ve got the famous huge influencers with 1 million followers, but we also got smaller influencers which remain undiscovered. That’s why we’re writing this article; today we want to introduce you to one of our recently discovered accounts: @jalielthompson.   If we’re talking about amazing undiscovered influencers you should know there’s no way you can miss out on this one.

Jaliel posts high quality variating content, Jaliel really interacts with his followers, post stories asking their opinions on daily stuff making you as a follower feel more connected to the account. So far Jaliel managed to grow the following of the account to over 117, 375 already, an impressive amount in such a short timespan!  We can tell that Jaliel’s current growth rate is very promising and we wouldn’t be surprised if the follow-count will double in the next couple of months.  The feed style is just something totally different than we are used to and a lot of people seem to agree with us.

Today, if you want to get in touch with these so called “influencers” and have them promote your brand, most people will think of accounts with 200,000 followers or more. The more powerful an influencer is, the more valuable their promotion will have. But as competition for the big influencers begins to grow, we’ll likely see more diversity among influencers of all levels, including the high-follower elite and low-follower newcomers like Jaliel, getting attention from brands.  Many influencer sites have already verified Jaliel as a Celebrity Influencer and someone to contact for Brand Ambassador & Commercial Opportunities.


Instagram @jalielthompson

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