Motorola Edge 30 Ultra displays satisfactory repairability in a new teardown video

Motorola’s Edge 30 Ultra is seemingly one of the most noteworthy Android gadgets of 2022, augmenting its high-end OLED display and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform with a world-first incorporation of the Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor. In any case, as PBKReviews has illustrated, those premium internals have come at somewhat of a cost to its repairability.

The Edge 30 Ultra permits entry through heating and eliminating the glass rear panel, likewise with numerous other Android cell phones. Notwithstanding, things get somewhat more complicated from that point, even at the purpose in managing its outsized main camera lens.

Like the Edge 30 Fusion, the 30 Ultra’s camera hump has a different bezel that is close to as glued down as the rear panel, implying that it also must be pried up prior to continuing with the teardown. Of course, moving past this additional step uncovers that various parts, the marquee 200MP camera module included, can be taken out without help from anyone else, which may be good to be aware in case of a repair.

Other than this, the 30 Ultra was displayed to contain a satiate of screws and cooling solutions components to consider while exploring one’s direction through the gadget – on that note, it appears to be even that huge main camera needs copper tape and thermal paste to remain cool.

Interesting as it is to perceive how the Edge 30 Ultra’s top-shelf components met up, it was at last compensated a repairability score of 6.5/10. That doesn’t appear to be all that incredible – on the other hand, it outdid the Pixel 7 Genius and did similarly as well as the iPhone 14 Master Max before it.