Nvidia GeForce Now grows to Australia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in 2021

2020 was an immense year for cloud gaming as Google Stadia fell into its own, Amazon Luna launched in early access, and Microsoft xCloud opened to people in general. Through the entirety of that, Nvidia GeForce Now has likewise been dealing with developments, and today, the platform has a major uncover. GeForce Now is heading to Australia in the not so distant future in its most recent nation extension.

All through most cloud gaming platforms to date, Australia has been avoided with regard to the diversion generally. Google doesn’t support the continent for Stadia and Microsoft just extended xCloud to Australia in November 2020. The launch of GeForce Now in Australia is no little issue and comes close by the service’s development to Turkey and Saudi Arabia also. Nvidia couldn’t offer a timetable past “later this year.”

This most recent extension comes on account of the “GeForce Now Alliance,” a group of Nvidia’s creation that works with telecom agencies around the world to help push cloud gaming forward. In these new regions, the GFN Alliance partners with Pentanet (Australia), Turkcell (Turkey), and Zain KSA (Saudi Arabia).