One-Punch Man Season 2: Will be coming to Netflix?

One Punch Man is a superhero-parody anime series dependent on the manga of a similar name. Not long after the manga launched in 2012, the series turned into a web sensation and it wasn’t well before fan demands for an anime were conceded. With the arrival of the anime series in 2015, the establishment’s ubiquity soar into the stratosphere. When One Punch Man touched base on Netflix in the United States and the UK, the fame of the series grew even further.

In the United States, One-Punch Man really lives on three streaming services right now. It’s on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix. This is ordinarily uncommon as each spilling system will in general prefer to keep its substance exclusive.

Both the United States and Canada got Season 1 in March 2017. The UK Netflix library had the title included April of 2018. In that time due to licensing, the arrangement has been booked to leave at the end of the day Netflix was more than willing to pay the cost of restoration for a standout amongest the most mainstream titles on the service.

When is the release of One Punch Man Season 2?

In a tweet discharged by Viz Media in August 2018, they affirmed that Season 2 discharge date is for April 2019! Presently for English groups of onlookers, it is almost certain the Japanese Dub will be available exclusively on the gushing service Crunchyroll however for devotees of the English dub, the question is will it come Netflix?

For North American audiences this may not be the situation as Viz Media has gained the select rights for cbroadcast, digital streaming, and merchandising rights whether or not they plan to give Netflix the availability to stream season 2 is as of now obscure. When One Punch Man was first discharged to American crowds it was initially streamed on Hulu, might we be able to see a potential come back to Hulu for Saitama?

One Punch Man Season 2 Trailer

The trailer has been release be J.C Staff yet fans are not happy. With a brand new production studio, comes another animation style. Changing from Madhouse Studios to J.C. Staff has brought about another animation style that fans are not happy with.

Potential Release Date

We’re sure that Season 2 of One Punch Man will arrive on Netflix eventually. The Only issue is the inconsistency in which anime seasons touch base on the streaming service, making it harder to guess. Netflix is as yet far off from accepting the second period of One Punch Man. After the arrival of One Punch Man Season 1, Netflix didn’t get the title for more than 2 years, along these lines, we trust the equivalent may happen again for Season 2.

It is obscure for European crowds if Netflix will get the rights to stream the second season of the anime. You can still watch One Punch Man season one on Netflix but we’ll keep you up to date if anything changes and hopefully we’ll soon be seeing Saitama on our screens again very soon!