Quick meteoroid makes fireball in the sky over parts of New England

A meteoroid that fell to pieces in the skies over Vermont could be found in parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and even Canada.

NASA specialists say the meteoroid was traveling at an expected speed of 42,000 miles per hour before it broke apart roughly 30 miles above the ground.

Massachusetts inhabitants revealed seeing the white fireball with a yellowish-green tail behind it on Sunday, while numerous in Vermont detailed hearing an explosion and feeling very strong shock waves.

“We’re talking a piece of rock six inches across weighing 10 pounds, less than a bowling ball in size, and it produced that bright fireball you saw and those noises on the ground,” said Bill Cooke, lead of NASA’s Meteoroid Environments Office. “People reported houses shaking underneath the trajectory. It produced all these phenomena. It just drives home that it was a very energetic event.”

At the point when the meteoroid broke apart, seismographs got an explosion that had a comparative amount of energy to the explosion of 440 pounds of trinitrotoluene (TNT), as per Cooke.

Cooke says this kind of meteoroid blast is a moderately common occurrence across the world yet added that it doesn’t occur in New England that often.