Simone Biles rocks sparkling goat slides at Olympic Trials


Simone Biles is without a doubt the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) — and will not allow you to fail to remember it.

The 24-year-old gymnast drew out a familiar companion for the first day of the US Olympic preliminaries on Friday, where she qualified for her second Olympic Games.

Biles’ custom sandals from iSlide highlighted a bedazzled version of “Goldie” the goat, who’s become her mascot and serves as a gesture to her astounding athletic achievements.

The embellished animal was surrounded by orange sunbursts and dotted lines, which seemed to have been drawn onto the shoe.

“Goldie” first sprung up on Biles’ GK Elite leotards finally month’s US Gymnastics Championships, where she made history as the first American woman to hold seven all-around titles.

“The idea was to hit back at the haters,” Biles told Marie Claire of the inspiration behind the style.

“Everybody can say you’re good, but once you acknowledge it, it’s not cool anymore. And I want kids to learn that, yes, it’s okay to acknowledge that you’re good or even great at something.”

Biles took off her way to the top scores in her vault, floor and beam routines on Friday. She even executed her namesake move three times, acquiring a standing ovation all the while.

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