Taiwan’s Mid Autumn Festival 2020: Celebrates To Google Doodle

The present Doodle celebrates Taiwan’s Mid Autumn Festival, an occasion watched every year on the date of the reap moon–the primary full moon after the fall equinox. Mid Autumn Festival gives a yearly chance to gaze toward the night sky and welcome the common magnificence of the moon, all while appreciating some scrumptious culinary treats.

The mark nibble of the celebration is mooncakes–round, filled cakes that come in endless sweet and flavorful assortments. One conventional variation contains a salted egg yolk in the middle, emblematic of the brilliant full moon around which the occasion circles. When you’ve had your fill, attempt one of the huge citrus natural products called pomelos. Furthermore, expect to see youngsters wearing the strips as merry caps, which are generally said to carry favorable luck to the individuals who wear them.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Taiwan!