The future is digital, says Pierrick Jamaux whose venture ‘hi’ is changing the face of the financial world

The next-generation financial services platform which is not-for-profit and run on Blockchain is proving its worth.

People need to adapt to changes which take place drastically in today’s fast-paced world. “With digital technology hitting big time, it has become important for people to learn and get used to newer technological advances,” says Pierrick Jamaux who has introduced a unique financial services platform named ‘hi’ which is bound to throw traditional banking services off the track. Digital modernization is happening in every industry and is leading each to tremendous success according to Pierrick, who has emerged as the top digital entrepreneur specializing in financial services, blockchain technology to be precise.

All of 32, this committed entrepreneur has shown how accurate steps can spiral the financial industry’s growth to a large extent. He strongly feels that there’s a revolution about to take place in the form of cryptocurrencies and people should prepare themselves to embrace this futuristic technology which has the potential to take over the traditional transaction methods of age-old banking systems. The more people join the blockchain community, the better it is, says Pierrick, who has completely transformed the way people handle finances through banking by contributing to the creation of a unique ecosystem that serves its members with its financial services platform called ‘hi’. The conventional methods like paper money will no longer exist in the near future with cryptocurrencies taking charge is what he strongly believes, hence the need to gradually transition to blockchain is a must for everyone.

The innovative digipreneur feels that the traditional banking processes will no longer exist once digital currencies are adopted by a majority of the population. Now is the right time to think ahead of time and streamline your processes accordingly. “I wanted to change the perception of people around the financial space and that encouraged me to back ‘hi’ to make the much-needed change, which is definitely the future,” concludes Pierrick.

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