Tiny Harris Previews Real And Raw Video Interview Of T.I. With Jada Pinkett Smith About Daughter Deyjah Harris’ Virginity

Tiny Harris has worked really hard for the promotion of her own work with a much-discussed and talked about the interview of T.I as well as Jada Pinkett. It was done on the Red Table Talk. Controversial comments made by T.I were addressed by the couple related to the DeyjahHarris’s (his daughter) virginity. It is said that the interview is where Tiny Harris Previews Real And Raw Video Interview Of T.I. With Jada Pinkett Smith About Daughter Deyjah Harris’ Virginity.

According to Tiny, when asked on social media that who was sitting down the queen Jada Pinkett Smith with another Queen. Also Tiny asked the audience to tune in to the television on Monday to hear about the interview that is about her husband. The interview is said to be pretty much realistic and has been aired on the show named as Red Table Talk. The couple was seen together here. However, fans did not like it.

According to one of the anonymous fan, “her soul will be sold by her for him. They are more interested in putting him before the all mighty.

Another one said, “the main reason could be she already knew that both of them have been unfollowed over social media and they have been siding with people which says that he has a disgusting behavior and is very much controlling which can be good for her. It has been hoped by them that a sincere apology should come for his behavior for her. He could do nothing if she says that she has a broken hymen and could have declared her virginity and said that she is not a virgin, then what would happen. Tiny is not going to stand up for her. So it is doubted as she will do it for Deyjah.

Another observer asked her to educate her husband about how to talk about the daughters. It was stated that, “educate your husband as the words are an insult and disrespectful to the daughter as well as the women all over the world. The fans like her husband. Statements that are made about regarding the daughter and the mistruths are sadly perpetuated about the body of a woman and in various parts of the world; sexual mutilation is a grisly practice.

Meanwhile their little daughter showed the great love for music just like her parents. The toddler jumped in at the opportunity of happily performing at stage. She took her mother alongside as rehearsal was to be done by the singer along with the backup singers. It was for the Rewind Concert Series of R & B.

Unfortunately, a backup singer did not show up and the rehearsal had to be skipped at the last moment when the concert was a few days away. However Heiress stepped ahead and started singing in the place of the missing singer.

According to one of the footages, the little girl was dancing and singing with great confidence on the new song of her mom. Tiny then kneeled next to her daughter and they both continued singing together.