Andrew Fashion – Living The Fearless Life


Andrew Thompson, stage name Andrew Fashion, was a serious skater when he was in high school.  There were very few tricks he would not attempt, with jumping (ollying in skate lingo) vast gaps, downstairs and into empty pools.  Anything he could do for a rush.  It was on his list.

This meant there was one thing that never entered his mind or his vocabulary – fear.

It is this lack of fear that helped him become a millionaire at age 18.  He has started over 25 businesses since the 6th grade, with most failing.  He made millions on Bitcoin and raised 1.7 million dollars for his last company, a fitness app with the backing of Sommer Ray, the famous Instagram influencer, Evolve.

Fashion is a high school dropout.  He left high school before graduation, concentrating his efforts on earning money on the Internet.  He did so, exceptionally well, with the first-ever editor, 

It was then he became an overnight millionaire.  Within two years, his website tanked as did his millions.

Fear never entered his mind.

He raised hard cash with Bitcoin, 3 million dollars, and lost it.

Fear never entered his mind.

He raised over 1.7 million for the app, Evolve.  He also woke up one day, put on his shoes and walked away from the app.

Fashion had no money, nowhere to live and responsibilities in the form of his young daughter.  What he did have was an idea for a new travel app that will completely change the way people travel with friends across the world.  The app will create memories that will last for many, many years.

Fear never entered his mind.

The app, Gypsee, is slated for a late January, early February release with adventures planned for the summer.  Over the summer, winter adventures will be released.

His website,, details much about his life from 2009 – 2019.  A biography, co-written by a member of the Gypsee team, is in talks.

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