Top 7 Crypto PR Agencies to Promote Your Brand

Crypto PR is a niche-specific service that offers crypto marketing services to blockchain businesses. It consists of a set of strategies that a crypto PR agency uses to deliver messages, facilitate announcements, establish brand awareness and goodwill, and educate users about various crypto products and their value.

Crypto PR agencies can help businesses secure brand placement in global magazines like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Market Watch and others.

There are numerous PR agencies in the market. However, crypto-specific marketing companies have the relevant expertise to help start-ups increase brand awareness and gain a share of the oversaturated market using modern techniques, tools and platforms.

As an emerging start-up in the block chain market, you should definitely leverage the capabilities of an online PR agency to strengthen your brand’s position in the market.

Here is a list of the best crypto agencies for blockchain and cryptocurrency companies:

  • A single grain

Single Grain is a top cryptocurrency marketing agency that specializes in maximizing returns on your crypto products.

Single Grain offers a customized blockchain marketing strategy to build brand awareness and provides profit-driven NFT marketing services for unique crypto assets. And as a full-stack digital marketing agency, they offer a complete advertising plan to deliver exceptional ROI on all crypto advertising and PR campaigns.

  • Vehement media

Let your brand be known. Increase your brand and business visibility by distributing your press to various known media outlets. PR Forum submits your press release to top professional sites including Financial Content, Digital Journal and MarketWatch. Its main focus is to provide and promote enhanced delivery. Vehment is in the media industry, building strong relationships with bloggers and journalists.

Vehement Media has some of the most simple, effective and affordable pricing in the industry. Vehement Media has become a trusted PR partner worldwide. Users of this press release distribution service include social media experts, small businesses, marketing professionals and PR experts. Vehement Media makes it very easy to create stories, share news with thousands of websites and then measure the final impact and performance. Vehement Media also gives you plenty of options to add rich visual elements (such as photos or videos) to each press release.

  • Coinbound

Coinbound is a leading crypto marketing agency that helps crypto brands secure coverage through crypto PR services.

Coinbound has been in the industry for years and has relationships with reputable publishers such as Coin Market Cap and Whether it’s long-term coverage, one-time coverage or a press release, organic coverage or a series of sponsored posts, Coinbound has experience in all forms of blockchain-specific public relations and communications.

  • Luna PR

Luna PR is a specialized cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing agency based in Dubai, UAE.

Luna PR has a strong portfolio of over 500 clients. The company helps blockchain businesses rebrand themselves or launch new products in the market.

They pride themselves on finding unique, compelling ways to tell your brand story and offering services for small and medium-sized businesses to increase brand awareness for both B2C and B2B.

  • Melrose PR

Melrose PR is a California-based PR agency that helps crypto brands promote their products online on leading blockchain marketing platforms.

The blockchain- and cryptocurrency-focused communications agency was founded in 2012 to help crypto companies leverage top crypto media relationships to gain positive PR coverage for their products.

The company focuses heavily on media training and interview preparation. They help promote your products on industry-leading podcasts, YouTube shows and other events.

  • ReBlonde

ReBlonde is an award-winning crypto PR agency in Israel.

ReBlonde Public Relations Agency has a team of professional public relations experts who are experienced in helping crypto businesses spread the word about their products.

They offer a wide range of PR services and can help your business secure top crypto media coverage on leading platforms such as the BBC and Mashable.


TOPPER is a popular crypto and blockchain marketing firm with offices in multiple locations around the world including Chicago, Dubai, London, Miami and Los Angeles.

TOPPER has industry-leading PR experts with expertise in media training, media relations and PR asset creation. Their team includes subject matter experts and award-winning thinkers, designers, content creators, digital storytellers and developers.

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