Why Cat6 Solid Copper is still in Demand despite the Innovation of New Ethernet Cables?

Ethernet cables play a vital role in computer networking. These cables are not limited to just the computing industry, many other industries use these cables. There are many types of ethernet cables available these days. Getting a perfect cable for your network can be quite a task. We’ll talk about Cat6 Solid Copper and why this cable is still in such high demand?

Cat6 Solid

Cat6 belongs to category 6 of ethernet cables with some alterations. It gives you more effective results as compared to Cat6. The “e” stands for enhanced as it is an enhanced version of its predecessor. This cable can transfer and transmit data through various networks. This cable can also tackle and counter radiation flux just like Cat6. But this cable comes with some advancements to work better in these situations, unlike Cat6.

Since its inception, Cat6 Solid Copper has become very popular. There have been many modifications in ethernet cable over the past two decades. CAT is a generic term that means Category. These cables were engineered according to the computing industry and its demands.

Specification of Cat6 Solid Copper

Many features make Cat6 a wise choice. This cable comes with the ability to fight electrical and electromagnetic interferences along with delivering data into the computer. Not only Cat6 is cost-effective but also it has significant market value. It has a perfect data transfer rate that is good enough to run a big computing network. Good composer, decent look, and multidimensions are some of the pluses that come with this cable. Cat6 works well even in foggy conditions.

The presence of electromagnetic radiation can cause a network to be hazy. These signals temper and distort data communication. Your data integrity also affects these pluses. Cat6 Solid Copper gives with a fresh breath of air to computers in these circumstances. Cat6 gives you 350 MHZ data transfer rate which is pretty decent as compared to the other cables available in the market.

It is made of 24-gauge wire with four twisted pairs. These pairs can be shielded and unshielded. This cable comes in both forms. Each of these forms has different benefits. Along with computer networks, this cable can be used in the telephone industry and the video signal transmission process.

Cat6SolidCopper can transmit 100BASE-T Ethernet at a distance of 100meter. This cable can also support fast duplex ethernet. This cable has a plenum rated jacket. This type of jacket makes it perfect for plenum spaces in any infrastructure. Plenum spaces in any building are those places that have air circulation all the time for air conditioning or heating purposes. Plenum jackets are made of high-quality PVC material that burns slowly with low smoke in a fire incident. Cat6Solid Copper is TIA/EIA verified with RoHS compliant. It is also UL listed which means it is also certified by Underwire Laboratories.

Advantages of Cat6 Solid Copper

  • Cat6 is an enhanced version of its predecessor. It can fight cross-talks. It also can overcome noise in data transmission.
  • It can transmit fast ethernet at a frequency of 350 MHZ up to 100meters.
  • This cable can work fine with 1000Mbps speed.
  • It is designed in such a way that it can perform heavy tasks without any disruption and unease.
  • Cat6 is backward compatible. You can use it with your older devices as well.
  • Although there are many cables available in the market Cat6Solid Copper is still standing tall among all the newcomers.
  • Credibility, sustainability, and durability are some of the features that this cable possesses.

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