YouTube Music gets minor Material You ‘Themed icon’ makeover

The YouTube Music icon has gotten a minor Material You makeover to all the more likely fit with different changes in the music streaming application — most conspicuously on Google Pixel phones.

Because of the “Themed icons” setting on most Android phones running Android 13 or higher, the YouTube Music icon — like numerous others — will be depleted of variety and stick to the monochrome icon settings with an obscured application logo. Since some outsider skins have not yet completely executed this element even in their own variants of Android 12, it’s generally apparent on Pixel phones.

This generally minor yet significant change to Google’s chief music streaming application. Beforehand, a dull circle with a more modest light circle featured the YouTube “play” button. In any case, it isn’t clear exactly the way that quite a while in the past this icon exchanged. The genuine glyph is presently bigger and occupies more room and makes it simpler to detect on a screen covered with comparable monochrome icons.

You probably won’t have at first understood that this icon is currently more strong with the turntable gadget icon you’ll see when music isn’t playing on your gadget. It appears as though Google has recently taken this right off the gadget and made it the new icon when the “Themed icons” setting is flipped on Pixel phones.

The main contrast being the expansion of the obscured boundary to show that this is a homescreen application icon as opposed to a gadget. The shade of the genuine YouTube Music icon not entirely set in stone by the backdrop variety based Dynamic Color framework, so it’ll fluctuate relying on your own gadget settings.

Tragically, the pool of applications that really support Themed icon settings actually remains generally low, however it has worked on definitely over the recent months. Make certain to look at our full rundown of all applications at present upheld.