Leader in Cloud distributed computing Sandesh Achar works with multi-million organisations to attain excellence

Cloud distributed computing, which is an architectural element in the digital world through which multiple clouds can work together to meet requirements and needs relating to performance or compliance.

Cloud distributed computing is a very high-end technical business venture which requires a highly abled person to work through it and help organisations in attaining high efficiency and solve issues.

While very few people truly understand the complexity of Cloud distributed computing and can work on it flawlessly, Sandesh Achar is one such person who is an inventor, researcher and leader in Cloud distributed computing.

Sandesh is a Cloud distributed computing Architect and Technology leader and he has vast experience in building, scaling, and managing multiple Cloud Engineering teams for various leading Fortune 1000 organisations.

Being an expert Cloud engineer, Sandesh has led a huge number of Cloud Engineering, Site Reliability Engineering, Program Management and Database Engineering teams across the globe for a wide range of fastest-growing, multi-million organisations.

Sandesh is also a member of “Cloud Center of Excellence”, which is an organisation responsible for FinOps and Cloud Cost optimization, and delivering multi-million USD in Cloud Cost Savings.

Sandesh has also helped many Fortune 500 organisations in successfully migrating 100+ Enterprise systems to Multi-Cloud. He has enabled organisations to achieve Multi-Cloud infrastructure scalability along with observability, security and operational excellence through his experience and immense talent in the field.

Having been in the field for quite some time, Sandesh has invented, designed and implemented Cloud infrastructure for “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)” for numerous Fortune 500 organisations.

Sandesh has beautifully built a global cloud engineering team from the ground up along with being an inventor, research author and leader in the Cloud engineering space.

However, one of the biggest challenges Sandesh has faced throughout his career is building world-class global engineering teams to provide 24/7 operational support to organisations.

Through his talent, eye for doing great work and experience in his field, Sandesh has achieved a vast array of accomplishments.

Some of Sandesh’s accomplishments involve, winning multiple hackathon awards and being a judge in various international award events.

Not just this, Sandesh has also published many technical articles on Cloud computing, security, sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Cyber security and observability.

In fact, in one of Sandesh’s recent articles “How Adopting a Cloud-Based Architecture has Reduced the Energy Consumption Levels” which was published in the International Journal of Information Technology and Management Information Systems, Sandesh talks about methods and techniques to support energy efficiency with multi-cloud architecture that would be contributing toward greener clouds.

Sandesh believes that security is a very crucial part of anyone’s job. He says, “Keeping Multi-Cloud secure and scalable by adopting new techniques and methodologies is the key in an organisation’s success.”

Going forward, Sandesh has planned to build new designs with artificial intelligence algorithms. He will also dive into how deep learning can help organisations in operational efficiency, multi-cloud cost savings, AI-related automation, reduced energy consumption on Cloud along with solving complex cloud computing issues.

Sandesh plans to continue his research in the field of Cloud distributed computing to achieve excellence.