Accenture raises business outlook for fiscal 2021

Accenture raises business outlook for fiscal 2021; now expects full-year revenue growth of 4% to 6% in local currency; GAAP EPS of $8.17 to $8.40; adjusted EPS of $8.02 to $8.25; and free cash flow of $6.0 billion to $6.5 billion.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has created a significant amount of volatility, uncertainty, and economic disruption. Accenture’s second-quarter and full-year 2021 business outlook reflect its assumptions, as of today, regarding the continued effect of the coronavirus pandemic. The extent to which this continues to impact Accenture’s business, operations, and financial results, including the duration and magnitude of such impact, will depend on numerous evolving factors that are difficult to accurately predict, including those discussed in the Risk Factors set forth in Accenture’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Accenture’s business outlook for the full 2021 fiscal year now assumes that the foreign exchange impact on its results in U.S. dollars will be positive 3% compared with fiscal 2020; the previous foreign-exchange assumption was positive 2%.


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