Why NFTs Are Creating So Many Millionaires

Investors often overlook NFTs because they’re still in the early stages of development and growth.

But investors shouldn’t let the market’s infancy scare them away from investing in these emerging digital assets.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which means you cannot divide them into smaller units like fungible tokens (e.g., Bitcoin or Ethereum).

NFTs can represent any tradeable item, such as artwork, rare collectibles, and in-game items like virtual and in a metaverse game.

But some savvy investors have embraced the NFT sector to capitalize on their growing popularity.

“I got an NFT for free that’s now worth six figures just by following the right social media accounts,” investor Tom Harri says.

Tom’s cousin, Mike Harri, also got into NFTs and has seen 10X returns on many of his 2021 investments.

The Michigan-raised cousins published a book, The NFT Bible, and launched Pit Crew, a dog-inspired NFT collection, with their combined expertise.

But their tale is just a small sample of the enormous earnings people are making from trading NFTs. It’s not unusual to hear stories like this next one.

In June 2021, Kevin Rose bought a Fidenzas NFT for 1 ETH ($2,400 then). Two months later, he listed it for a staggering 777 ETH ($2.5M). He didn’t think he’d sell it for that much or as quickly as he did.

When he checked his OpenSea account the next day, someone purchased the collectible without a counteroffer.

Kevin Rose became an instant millionaire overnight.

Hedge Funds Stepping In

Hedge funds pose the biggest threat to investors who get in too late.

Once hedge funds enter this emerging space, they’ll use their extensive knowledge, resources, and market analysis to take advantage of novice investors.

Experts in the financial sector believe hedge funds will influence the NFT market by purchasing entire collections and then re-listing them for a large markup to generate hype. As a result, more investors will flock to the collections, anxious about missing out on the moneymaking opportunity.

But this isn’t the only tactic they could use. Another trading method, although unethical, is wash trading.

Wash trading is the practice of moving an asset secretly between the same individual or financial institution. It appears as if a new owner gained control of the item when, in reality, it never left their portfolio. This technique gets repeated numerous times to boost trade volume and value.

All while keeping the NFTs in the hedge fund’s portfolio until they sell it to fresh buyers for maximum profit.

There are 2,100x more Bitcoins than there are Bored Apes

Scarcity and NFT Art

A tradable asset’s scarcity makes it more valuable. And NFTs are some of the scarcest assets in history, because of their limited supply and liquidity.

“Scarcity is what drives up an NFT’s value. Many collections have ten thousand pieces. Sometimes much less,” Mike Harri, The NFT Bible co-author explains.

Compare this to Bitcoin. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist. People don’t care which bitcoin they own. Because one bitcoin still holds the same value as any other.

But the NFT marketplace is the opposite because each NFT has unique attributes that set it apart from another.

And when hedge funds leverage this scarcity and their skilled trading practices, they can manipulate NFT market prices.

To avoid this misfortune, investors should get into NFTs before the hedge funds do.

Do you want to learn more about NFT investing?

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Here’s Why You Should Hire A Fire Watch Guard

Every year fires cause billions of dollars of property damage and loss of human lives across all of America. While the chances of a fire outbreak can never be completely nullified fire watch guards provide you with much better odds and are a must for businesses like restaurants, workshops, and theatres.

Who’s A Fire Watch Guard?

A fire watch guard is a trained professional or a team of professionals specializing in the prevention of fire hazards. Fire watch guards are known to stop the fire in or before its initial stage. It’s a temporary or permanent service specialized for business or property owners looking to safeguard their assets from potential fire damage.

Fire watch guards are specifically trained to detect potential fire hazards way before they cause any actual damage. They are highly trained mostly consisting of former firefighters and other similar personnel. Fire watch guards are especially useful when fire alarm systems and equipment are off-limit or un-operational and can provide an immediate response to fire before the arrival of the fire brigade. For locations far away or out of reach from fire stations, it is an absolute must to have a fire watch guard present onsite at all times.

What Does A Fire Watch Guard Do?

Fire watch guards prevent fires from occurring and in case of an occurrence put it out before it progresses on to the deadly or catastrophic stage. This is achieved through regular checkouts and 24/7 patrol of the property/establishment. These patrols are performed at scheduled times during day and night taking into account places with high chances of fire outbreaks like kitchens and workshops. The fire watch guards are quick to respond to gas leaks or any other potential fire-causing problems. If a fire is spotted, however, they are quick to respond to the emergency and put it out before the fire gets out of hand.

Why Should You Hire A Fire Watch Guard/Services?

Prevention Of Legal Penalties: If your property or establishment’s fire alarm systems are temporarily out of order, the NFPA or local ordinance demands you have a certified fire watch guard present at all times. Failing to do so will lead to massive fines and even shutdown. The hired fire watch guard must be certified to do the job.

Quick Response: In case a fire breaks out depending on your location the fire brigade might take too long or even be out of reach. Having fire watch guard services provides an immediate and quick response to any fire outbreaks saving precious time and resources and most importantly human lives. The quick response also ensures that any occasional fire doesn’t make it past the initial stage.

24/7 Surveillance: A fire hazard can occur anytime at the break of dawn, in the dark of night. A fire watch guard provides 24/7 surveillance round the clock by conducting routine checks and timely patrols day and night. The fire watch guard services also keep detailed logs which are crucial and can only be accessed by the fire department and owner of the property. This information can be shared with the fire department for speedy fire suppression in case of a breakout.


Meta Tycoon Introduces Its Collection of NFTs For The Metaverse World

Meta Tycoon team is very pleased to announce the launch its NFTs. Meta Tycoon is a collection of 9,999 NFT’s, the design of which stems from a unique selection of streetwear clothing, hairstyles and backgrounds. 

Meta Tycoon NFT holders co-own plots of land in the Metaverse (diversified portfolio – such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Somnium Space, and many more). Users can generate revenue as well through it in USDT.

The Unique Concept

The Meta Tycoon Team developed a business model in which their NFT holders will be able to generate revenue through real estate investments in the Metaverse. Holders will be able to achieve wealth accumulation in both real life and virtually, getting the best of both worlds.

Meta Tycoon Land Parcels

Since Land parcels in the metaverse continue to grow less affordable, and most people do not know how to manage the land, the Meta Tycoon Team mapped out & developed a solution. The project presents users with an opportunity to own a diversified land parcels portfolio.

The Meta Tycoon Team have already acquired land parcels, mainly in Sandbox, Decentraland, Somnium Space, and NFT Worlds. With land parcels near to Snoop Dogg, DJ Steve Aoki, The Walking Dead, Phantabear, Mega City, Alibaba (SCMP) and many more.

Meta Tycoon is also available to mint, the team is confident their model will be the stand out in the Metaverse.






Today we are here with Mr. Leonar Mardirosian to examine how the income of the singers is done

To answer this question, it is better to first know where the readers’ income comes from?

Until about 1385 and until the 80’s, the income of the singers was mainly provided from the sale of the album, that is, by producing a number of music and music works in a different style or atmosphere, the singers played the produced music as a new album. And in each decade and time this album was played separately. But after the 70’s, with the advancement of technology and the creation of conditions in society and the development of home and machine players, and due to the improvement of quality, people turned to CD players and DVD players, which naturally, readers also to their works. They burned and played CDs and DVDs, and the readers’ income came from the sale of cassettes and CDs of their works.

Of course, it goes without saying that not all of the singers’ income was for themselves.

And sometimes due to the lack of public acceptance of the albums or the singer or other reasons, the works were not bought by the people and the singer had to pay the costs of production and reproduction in person, but after the mid 80s and 90s due to technology development And the Internet and the public access to the Internet and the increase in the number of music sites of singers turned to this direction and made their works available to the public for free or for money.

But the reason for playing music for free from song download sites was because the way the singers earned money had changed.

In fact, the singers played their songs for free from song download sites such as Melozic to be easier to recognize and hear, to keep the audience happy, and to earn a living by holding concerts to this day. This trend has been welcomed by the people.

What is the role of music companies in this?

Since a license is required to hold concerts and to produce and play music, and the process of obtaining a license from the Organization of Islamic Culture and Guidance is difficult and lengthy, singers are placed with music companies to better focus on their work and produce quality songs. They contract the licensing process with the company, and in return pay the music company a percentage of the concert proceeds.

For example, the good and popular singer of our country, Aaron Afshar, has signed a contract with Ova Forouhar Company and is cooperating with that company under the artistic management of Moin Rahbar.


Justin Melnichuk: His biggest inspiration

Justin Melnichuk is becoming one of the most well known resellers in his entire state . The 16 year old has spent the past 4 years working hard to build his very own business called Sneaker Kitchen. Being active mainly on Instagram, Justin Melnichuk buys and sells the latest sneakers for local stores and celebrities to upgrade their fashion. He is working his way up trying to gain a good reputation and is doing so throughout his 1.4 million in sales so far. So just how did he achieve this level of success at such a young age?

At 12 years old, Justin Melnichuk became intrigued by a popular sneaker reseller named Benjamin Kicks. This guy was doing something unique that he had never seen before and having fun making money all at the same time.He saw him working with celebrities and realized that there were many opportunities for him in the world of sneaker reselling. He bought his first pair of sneakers to resell after doing some research and he took off from there. He knows the man you want to have the phone number of when you need that exclusive pair of sneakers in your size.

As a full time student, Justin Melnichuk has been sure to set a high standard for himself as he expects nothing but the best from his life. He is sure to complete all of his school work thoroughly while also managing his growing business. Once his school work is complete each day, he sacrifices approximately 3-4 hours of free time packing and shipping sneakers in his warehouse. Instagram has been his platform that allowed for him to take off and grow in a positive direction. All he has to do is upload a photo of new shoes he has bought to his story. Soon after, a local store or celebrity will message him to buy the product. He then ships these shoes to the US or UK.

With Sneaker Kitchen continuing to grow an online following, Justin has now put plans in motion to open physical stores across the US. This would allow for more points of income for Justin so he could maximize his yearly profits. This year, he is opening his first location in Sacramento, California. Where he goes next will be a city where many people can express themselves through vibrant multi patterned sneakers. The sneaker franchise that he runs only continues to go up and it is clear that the name Justin Melnichuk and Sneaker Kitchen may be on a business card taped to your refrigerator for you to call and buy sneakers any time you need.

Find him here:

Personal IG – @justinmelnichuk

Professional IG – @sneakerkiitchen


Steps Salman Yousuf Designed For ABTACH LTD Success

ABTACH LTD is one of the most prominent names in the world of Information Technology. The tremendous success of this firm is only the untiring efforts and determination of its founders. Salman Yousuf who is the chief operating officer (COO) of ABTACH LTD says “To create the massive footprints in IT Industry, our hardworking professionals worked day and night to light up the abyss”.

This company was operating under the leadership of Salman Yousuf who has experience in Digital Marketing services. Due to his welcoming attitude towards the latest marketing trends the company has attained incredible success and accomplished its goal in a limited time period.

An Overview About ABTACH LTD

Since 2015, the company was launched. And within 7 years, the company expand its wings in more than six regions globally. The progressive approach and unshakeable determination show how ABTACH LTD firmly withstands in the IT sector of the world. Salman Yousuf also stated that

“ABTACH feel prides in delivering state-of-art IT solutions. Our mission is to cover up all the latest trends of digital marketing and IT services and positioned ourselves as the record breakers in the tech world”.

ABTACH LTD offers highly advanced digital marketing services. This firm also covers a vast range of developmental projects such as graphic designing, video animation, app development, etc. The company makes sure the create result-driven policies to deliver qualitative services to its customers.

Reasons Behind ABTACH LTD Success

  •   Sincerity

ABTACH LTD served more than 21000 customers globally. And, none of any customers said their services are unsatisfactory. They always consider each requirement and demand of their customer to sincerely check out their customer interest. Salman Yousuf said, earning high revenues is not the only motive that we need to look forward to, but helping our clients to accomplish their business goals is always our top priority.

As you know, you can buy high quality things but not customer sincerity. It seems like you can buy company resources to facilitate your customers, rather than their loyalty. So, ABTACH follows the strategic approach to facilitate its clients to attain a higher position in the industry.

  • Utmost dedication

ABTACH LTD devotes its time and effort to gain a reputable brand image all over the world. Their dedication shows the true colors of their success. The firm believes its success is tied up with customers. So, in a limited time span, the company opened up its offices in UAE, USA, UK, South Korea, Pakistan, China, and Turkey. Their dedicated services increase the client’s expectation, and fortunately they leave their clients with higher satisfaction and delightful services.

  •   Affordability   

ABTACH LTD devotes its time and effort to gain a reputable brand image all over the world. Their dedication shows the true colors of their success. The firm believes its success is tied up with customers. So, in a limited time span, the company opened up its offices in UAE, USA, UK, South Korea, Pakistan, China, and Turkey. Their dedicated services increase the client’s expectations, and fortunately, they leave their clients with higher satisfaction and delightful services.

Top Digital Trends Salman Yousuf Integrates

The tech industry is evolving day by day, which is why it is necessary to integrate the latest trends to facilitate the customers. ABTACH LTD also shows its participation in the 2nd Annual Canada-Pakistan ICT Forum that is held in Toronto in 2018. However, the firm is willing to increase its prestige and its aim to explore new business opportunities and strengthen its venture.

Salman Yousuf focused on integrating the latest digital marketing trends to facilitate their clients with modern digital solutions. ABTACH LTD follows the trends mentioned below;

  • Augmented reality
  • Location-based marketing
  • Metaverse
  • Short Videos
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Programmatic advertising

Top Digital Services ABTACH Offers

With the uncanny approach, ABTACH becomes the leading IT industry all over the world. They are offering a number of digital marketing services. Salman Yousuf mentioned each service embedded with the latest digital trends and their qualified professionals used advanced tools to deliver out of the box services to their clients.

  1. Graphic Designing
  2. Web Design & Development
  3. Mobile App Development
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Persuasive Animated Videos
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Robust Digital Marketing
  8. Search Engine Optimization

To Wrap Up The Things

After reading the whole blog, it is concluded that ABTACH LTD is a company that understands the importance of upgrading technology and also looking forward to helping their valuable customers to give them a successful future. The progressive approach of Salman Yousuf (COO) of ABTACH enforced contemporary digital solutions to make remarkable footprints in the IT industry.


“I Got You” by Musata was selected as the best music on Beatport

As we see today, ranking music in popular music programs is very enjoyable, users can listen to the top music of the day, week, month, and year and enjoy them.

 One of the most reputable programs is Beatport. In 2021, after the release of the song “I Got You”, we saw that this music quickly entered the rankings in popular and various programs, and in less than a month, it reached the 54th rank in a program such as Beatport.  But Musata’s goal was to release better songs, such as the show’s top ten, and by mid-2022, Beatport could be ranked number one on the Trap chart. In this story, however, Beatport was not the only successful program for Musata. After this step, he looked at the higher steps and was able to bring his song to the first rank in the Electro House chart and achieve another honor.


The Crypto-Wiz/Influencer Eljaboom: From Building Crypto-portfolios to having Big Aspirations!

Many Crypto-influencers have been influencing the crypto-community since the inception of the industry, but only a few are noteworthy. We have seen everything ranging from tweets to announcements from these influencers but only a few of the lot, take a path to make a difference and Eljaboom is one of them. Eljaboom has been a prominent face in the crypto-industry thanks to his deep and reliable understanding of the market.

Eljaboom has been key to many strategic investments made by many top-tier projects around the Globe. Eljaboom also has to his privilege of associating himself with the great minds of the industry including his relationship with the CEO/founder of Binance, CZ.

The Binance Story: Eljaboom:

Eljaboom is known for his associations in the Industry and with little to no time, he has emerged from being associated with the top leagues to being one. Eljaboom has been a part of educating the masses about crypto from its inception and now the tech-crypto-based entrepreneur/influencer is turning it up a notch.

One of his recent ventures was with Binance where he has associated himself with the masterminds behind the Binance smart chain and organized AMA sessions with the African community to educate them about everything that involves cryptocurrencies. Eljaboom has hosted the Binance Smart Chain’s AMA session for Africa on February 14th, 6:00 PM UTC. He was also joined by Altcoin Daddy and Snowlink who are also a part of the crypto-influencer community aligned with the vision of Eljaboom.

Eljaboom believes that with this session, he plans to rope in more people to join the world of trading with cryptocurrencies and aims to eradicate the common misconceptions and rumors that one hears when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The talks about hosting the event started well ahead by making viral rounds on Twitter. In a very recent tweet from the CEO of Binance, CZ, he mentioned that he was honored to be associated with the Crypto influencer and plans on working on many things involving crypto soon.

Eljaboom’s Early life:

Most of his fans are curious to know how their favorite influencer started in the crypto world and when asked about it, Eljaboom said that when he started hearing about crypto and things around it, he wasn’t determined about the money that it came with but was impressed by the industry itself. He said that you will be able to reap the biggest rewards from the industry if you just understand it and for understanding it, you need patience. He said that while working at different jobs for a living, he used to make time to learn a little about the world of crypto and all that learning has summed up to what he is today.

Eljaboom not only became a wizard in the crypto-world, but he also went on to start his own company, Ajoobz. Ajoobz is probably one of the most sought-after, crypto-portfolio advisor companies in the world thanks to Eljabooms working strategies on the market and the impeccable team that he has built to lead the company. The company’s top positions are hoarded by some of the best minds of the world who have previous experience working with the big-fours of Silicon Valley.

Eljaboom says that all of this was possible because of the number of jobs and the experience that he gained from all of it. Eljaboom also said that when you are looking forward to creating the change you start from yourself and that is the reason why the Twitter handle of the influencer is loaded with Crypto-facts that helps 520K+ followers till date to make smart decisions with their portfolios.

Apart from hosting AMAs, Events, Influencing people daily with their crypto-investments, Eljaboom also believes in giving back to society. The influencer is actively seen participating in giveaways, social-building opportunities and reaches out to all the underprivileged folks with his work.

Eljaboom plans to make it to mars and start afresh his career as a farmer in the near future. When asked behind the reason for an aspiration like that he says, when you constantly challenge yourself, that is when you create a difference, and when you drive that difference, that is when you make an impact.

You can follow the influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.


Mrs Cheems Cryptocurrency Launches the FIRST MEME University Hub

The Mrs Cheems project, founded in January 2022, sets its sights on becoming the most recognised Dog Meme on the Binance Smart Chain. Following its incredibly successful launch the project has amassed a total of 646 holders since in inception earlier in the year.

Meme University

With an ever-growing community & healthy looking chart, the Developers of the project have now started develop their Meme University. The Meme University will be the Central hub for meme tokens, entertainment & education. The developers of Mrs Cheems explain the content they provide will include Podcasts, Live Streams, Breaking News & educational pieces.

Every holder of the Projects individually drawn NFTs, which are currently in development, will be granted life time access to the Meme university completely free of charge. The idea is that they wish to reward early investors who believed in their vision.

Meme Fund

Since announcing their Meme University Hub, the developers of Mrs Cheems have also explained they will be opening up a world class investment fund. The fund will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to connect their wallet and contribute their BNB into a safe & locked fund. At any moment users can withdraw their stake/profit.

Coin Hub is going to be a social network for MEME coin enthusiasts, from there they can create a profile, able to add a photo and edit their bio. Coin Hub will allow users to connect with the other users, and tag friends and other users of the project.


Social Media:




Media Details

Company Name: Mrs Cheems

Contact Name: James




Get A Perfect Digital Agency Website From Agency Stand And Start Earning Income Right Away

Many people want to launch their own digital services agencies, but don’t know how to. A lot of people who actually try to create a digital services agency get stopped by one of the first hurdles, building a website that will serve as a digital storefront. 

An optimized website is one of the most valuable assets that a digital services agency can have, but it can also be difficult to create. An optimized website is a website that is designed to convert as many clicks as possible to sales. 

If you try to create an optimized website yourself, it can take countless hours of hard work. It also requires a certain level of expertise. If you outsource this work, it can be very expensive costing you thousands of dollars to hire talented developers. 

Agency Stand’s Innovative Solution

Agency Stand is a company that helps digital entrepreneurs to solve some of the key challenges of starting and running a highly profitable digital services agency. This includes obtaining a fully optimized website that is ready-to-launch. 

Agency Stand was founded by Unwana Etuk, also known as Francis Etuk. Francis is a seasoned digital entrepreneur who spent many years growing digital businesses from the ground up. Because of this, he completely understands all of the challenges that digital entrepreneurs face. 

With his company Agency Stand, entrepreneurs can buy pre-made fully optimized digital services agency websites. These websites are ready-to-launch, meaning they can be very quickly implemented. This enables you to start generating profits and scaling your business rapidly. 

Unlike hiring a professional developer, buying a pre-made website from Agency Stand will not cost you a small fortune. In fact, it only costs $399 to buy an excellent-quality agency website from Agency Stand. 

What Else Comes With The Website? 

After buying your website from Agency Stand, you will be able to add your own business name, logo, and other details to the website to make it customized for your brand. We have advisors who can help you with this if you need assistance. 

When you buy the website, you will also be able to speak to an expert Online Business Advisor who can guide you through every business decision that you have to make. Receiving this advice is invaluable for new agency owners. This is because it will save new agency owners time and enable them to grow their businesses much faster by cutting down on mistakes. 

Agency Stand’s Online Business Advisors are people who are past and current digital agency owners. They are also experienced with ecommerce, which is highly beneficial because a digital services agency is still selling something online, it’s just digital services instead of digital products. 

In addition to a fully optimized website and access to an Online Business Advisor, people who buy websites from Agency Stand also get access to Success Dashboard, and have the option to subscribe to Services Support. Success Dashboard is a checklist that maps out every step that is needed to launch and grow a digital services agency in detail. 

Services Support is a private marketplace for sourcing talent. You can find talented copywriters, graphic designers, SEO professionals, PPC professionals, designers, influencer outreach professionals, and more within this marketplace (see Growth stage in Success Dashboard). Subscribing to Services Support costs an additional $199. 

Once you are subscribed to Services Support, you can drop service (outsource) work from your clients to these professionals. You can make serious profits by charging your clients more than the price you pay to outsource work to Services Support professionals. 


Agency Stand makes it much easier for entrepreneurs to start, launch, and grow digital services agencies. Entrepreneurs who use Agency Stand’s tools can earn a fortune selling digital services and drop servicing the work. If you are ready to start your own digital services agency to make incredible profits, then feel free to head to or follow @TheAgencyStand on Instagram to get started.