Interview with Music Executive: Ivan Albery Powell

The music industry has changed alot since the start of the global pandemic. We had a chance to jump on a call with music executive Ivan Albery Powell and find out more.

The music situation has changed a lot because of the Covid-19 situation. When do you think touring will start up again?

“I think it will be a while before things go back to normal in a global sense. But obviously some jurisdictions will allow live performances and some will continue to stay on lockdown for a while.”

What are artists doing to adjust to this new reality with live performances?

“Some artists have been using platforms like Instagram Live and Twitch to connect with their audiences. Also live streamed pre recorded concerts are becoming a popular new option.”

How has the changes affected your company GMA – Great Music Agency?

“Obviously the booking side has changed a lot and we no longer focus on routing tours for artists. We have expanded the amount we do to help artists with digital marketing and brand endorsements.”

Has the lockdown affected you personally?

“It’s been an interesting time for all of us but I have adjusted by focusing on health and wellness. I even started writing and have had my articles published in newspapers.”

What is the deal with NFT’s?

“They are a great option for an artist to sell their art directly to their fans. I think it will be interesting to see if some of the high priced ones maintain their value over time

Do you think artists should sign a record deal?

I think artists should build up their value to increase their leverage before waiting for a label. I also think distribution deals are a great option for artists to consider.