SpaceX filing uncovers Starlink satellite internet service has more than 10,000 clients

Public beta testing for SpaceX’s satellite-beamed internet service commenced toward the end of last year for individuals in the US, Canada and the UK, and an FCC application (PDF) reveals to us somewhat about how things are going up until this point.

CNBC calls attention to the filing, which looks for designation for Starlink as a qualified telecommunications carrier, and notes that SpaceX reports more than 10,000 individuals are as of now utilizing the service.

Starlink is looking for an assignment so it can get to the large numbers of dollars it’s been granted from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to offer service across various states.

The letter additionally noticed that SpaceX as of now has in excess of 1,000 satellites in orbit (it just launched a few all the more the previous night) and that its network is demonstrating it can give more than 100/20 megabits each second connections, as well as under 31ms of latency for 95 percent of round-trip measurements.

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