The effects of music on children from the point of view and language of Youna Ahmadi

Youna Ahmadi, the famous and popular singer of our country, talks about the effects of listening to children’s music

Youna opinion:

Having a smart child is the dream of every parent. Many believe that children’s intelligence is a genetic phenomenon. Other parents want to turn their child into a genius by using tutoring classes and spending a lot of money. But there is another shortcut that has been proven by various studies, and that quick and quick way to make your child a genius is nothing but music.

Passive listening to music makes children smarter, which means that if you expose your child to music from an early age, you have greatly helped his mental development. But surely these children are not comparable to children who have actively practiced music, that is, playing an instrument.

One of the biggest benefits of using music for children is boosting their self-confidence. When the child is able to play an instrument and can also read a short poem while playing, he will feel a certain sunset and as a result, he will have faith in himself and his abilities. This event will cultivate good self-confidence in him. In addition, playing a musical instrument will cultivate a sense of courage and bravery in the child, because there will certainly be times when he will perform in front of you or friends and relatives, and as a result, such a child will never become a shy person.

 Everyone can learn different concepts. But the fact that a person is labeled a genius is due to the speed with which he or she learns. Music exactly affects the speed of your learning. If you can introduce your child to music at an early age, you have a profound effect on his learning speed. Music enhances children’s problem-solving power because they use their thinking power while playing and practicing music, and practice through concentration and thinking. As a result, your child’s thinking learns to use his or her intellect in everything.

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