Is “UNOWAY” The First American Reggaeton Artist?

 New York based recording artist UNOWAY hits our website today to share his song “Rollie Watch.” This is a record that instantly hooked us with its catchy instrumental and incredibly ill flow. The song consists of a reggaeton beat mixed with a hip hop flow. Uno shares with us that “Rollie Watch” over a year ago. He reveals that when he made the song, he wasn’t sure when or if the song would ever be released. “Rollie Watch” is a song that proves Reggaeton in English, can and will be a influence on the culture of music and new styles to come. 

  UNOWAY was born in New York and moved to Puerto Rico at a young age. He is 1 of 13 children and growing up he had a heavy musical influence. He believes living outside of the country definitely gave him a different outlook on music. He is currently 21 and he has amassed a great amount of success thus far. He started making music 2 years ago and he built a pretty strong fan base across multiple streaming platforms. A total of 4 million streams combined. Music has become more than just his passion. It’s become his way out.

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