Who is Charizmia


After growing up in Dothan Alabama, Charisma Paige grew up in poverty and always looked for a way out. At the age of 18 she joined the armed forces and served for four years until she found herself and a place to belong within society. Fresh out of the army, she had two kids and then decided to expand her knowledge on what different industries were about. After commencing a delivery contract company she then decided to launch many other businesses to expand herself into the world.

Although, after all of the businesses and endeavours that she found herself in, she always knew she wanted to rap. She says that she came from a family of hidden talents, and for her she knew singing was always in her blood. She states that her uncle is a rapper and her sister enjoys singing as well as rapping. After starting out her career as a member of the army force, she says that her uncle is the main reason as to why she began rapping and producing in the first place.

She describes her music as a way that individuals can express themselves and use it for motivational purposes. She wants people to see that anything is possible and that dreams don’t come true unless you work for them. Growing up with three other younger siblings, she knows what responsibilities of life are all about. She says that her family is always supportive and wants to ensure that she reaches the ultimate goal of success.

Charizmia says that if she were to ever have the opportunity and chance to collaborate with any artist, it would be Missy Elliot. Growing up in Alabama isn’t always easy as there aren’t many big artists from there to engage with the music. With that being said Charizmia says she has to promote all her music herself and has to do all the work behind the scenes to make everything flow so smoothly.

As she continues to work, she sets her mind to many things, and with no official release date yet there will be an album on the way in the future. You can check her out on all social media @Charizmia and follow her journey and rise to success.


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