Logitech’s first ‘in-ear monitors’ for gaming cost $50

Subsequent to dropping the high-end Pro X Wireless headset a year ago, Logitech is shifting gears with its originally wired in-ear monitors (IEMs) for gaming. The G333 cost $50, come in three colorways, and are focused on gamers looking for a more compact (and conceivably more agreeable) fit contrasted with over-ear headsets.

Choosing wired earphones is unquestionably a leftfield move that is conflicted in relation to the rest of the market, which is home to a lot of sub-$100 wireless options. However, perhaps, that is the point.

In the event that these look familiar, that is on the grounds that they were in fact declared path back in October as a feature of Logitech’s K/DA merchandise set. They seem, by all accounts, to be an upgraded version of the Oculus 2 earphones Logitech released in September.

There are a couple of eminent changes this time round including a mic — which packs the core buttons you’d hope to play, interruption and control the volume of your chats and a longer cable. Logitech says they don’t scale back audio quality on account of their dual audio drivers, one for highs and mids and one for bass. Given these are at the low finish of the IEM pricing spectrum, we’ll need to perceive how great they sound.

The G333 accompany a 3.5mm jack and a USB-C adapter, so you can attach them to essentially any gaming platform, from Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo to PC and mobiles — and even Google Stadia.

Additionally, the vibrant colors (silver/light purple, black/bright blue, purple/yellow) change it up.

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