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Michele Zanello is a digital entrepreneur, brand creator, and social media strategist with more than five years of experience in the field. His work has been acknowledged by prestigious online publications like Thrive, Yahoo, Benzinga, and many more. He’s also the CEO and founder of Midnight Milano, a marketing agency that specializes in strategy, branding, and social media security

What is Real-Time Marketing and Why Your Brand Desperately Needs It

If you have a brand with online representation, and you are not using real-time marketing, you are missing out!

What is real-time marketing?

Also known as instant marketing, real-time marketing is a method of marketing that researches and identifies the best possible offer that would increase the success of a potential sales opportunity.

Instant marketing is different from traditional marketing. Instead of pre-defining an offer and sending it out there to potential customers, real-time marketing focuses on creating an offer “on-the-fly” depending on the customer’s needs and preferences that emerge from their behavior (website clicks, social media conversations, etc.)

Real-time marketing strategies work best on social media platforms. With the help of an experienced marketing influencer, you can quickly implement instant marketing for your brand and watch your business grow.

How to use instant marketing for your brand

The main goal of real-time marketing is to offer customers a product or a service that is an instant solution to their current needs.

You can set up a winning marketing plan that is flexible enough to execute instantly according to the customers’ requests. You simply need to focus on current, relevant trends, and immediate feedback from customers.

This strategy requires that you work well under pressure and that you have the intuition to make an honest and helpful counter-offer to your potential clients.

In this regard, you can also employ the services of an affiliate marketing influencer who can redirect some of the customers and relieve you from the extra pressure.

Such marketing specialists can create tailor-cut offers for your products and services to instantly attract sales from undecided customers. This way, your company can expand its offer of bespoke services and get ahead of the competition not only in sales but in the client’s perception as well.

Why is real-time marketing important?

Real-time marketing developed in the 1990s, but it has become more relevant in today’s dominance of social media and communications technology.

Companies everywhere can increase brand awareness with the help of instant marketing. This strategy works best on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks where the interaction with the customer is instant and highly flexible.

A marketing specialist can quickly adapt to the company’s offer to match the customer’s needs and complete a sale. Instead of keeping a rigid marketing plan with predefined messages, brands can alter their image depending on the latest trends, fads, and market evolutions to present the client with instant gratification.

Real-time marketing is a great tool for gaining a competitive advantage over other brands in your niche. It is also a great way to stay ahead of your time and ensure that your company stays relevant in the long run.

Michele Zanello

Founder: Midnight Milano

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