Ten Million Google Pixel Phones Were Sold Last Year

In 2016, Google redesigned its smartphone division, and according to a recent study, the move is finally paying off. In 2023, the manufacturer of Android achieved a significant milestone by selling 10 million Pixel phones. Google is still a very long way from being a significant participant in the smartphone hardware business, even though these figures undoubtedly dwarf sales from the previous Nexus phone program.

Although Google rarely releases official data for Pixel phones, the report originates from Nekkei Asia. According to a source who has firsthand knowledge of Google’s intentions, as reported by Nekkei, the company has not only surpassed 10 million sales but has also set a “ambitious” target of doing so again by 2024.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro are most likely around the bottom of the list, though Nikke does not say which phones accounted for the majority of Google’s sales. The majority of sales, we’d guess, were of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a. Although the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro weren’t released until October 2023, Google appears to be confident about the latest Pixel’s sales thus far, as evidenced by its plans to reach 10 million units this year.

Even while 10 million units is a significant achievement for Google, it pales in comparison to rival companies. Although remarkable, Samsung’s 2023 phone sales of over 226 million fell short of Apple’s 234 million devices, according to several reports. When compared to the majority of competitors, including Samsung, that is a slight increase for Apple. However, Google still has potential to expand. The US, UK, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries are among the 19 countries where Pixel phones are accessible, but Samsung and Apple sell their phones in almost every country. In China, where access to Google services is restricted, Pixels are not available.

As part of its plan to reach 10 million users and beyond by 2024, Google intends to diversify its production and supply chain. As of right now, Vietnam produces a tiny amount of Google’s phones, but India has one of the few remaining expanding smartphone markets globally. In 2023, even China—which is the world’s biggest smartphone user—saw a 5% decline.

It has been reported that Google plans to start up a production line in southern India in the coming weeks. The Pixel 8 Pro, Google’s flagship Android smartphone, will be the center of attention when the facility first opens. As early as April or May, these gadgets might be available for purchase nationwide.