To conquer the increasing demand for its IT services Bamidel splits the company

On Monday, Bamidel, a Texas-based IT service and Financial firm, said it would split its forward-looking software development vision side-by-side to create a new family company, Oaperg Technology, to expand and meet the demands of its digital offerings from customers around the world.

In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, a startup that broke even only a few months after its establishment has increased in size and sales. This will allow the parent company to focus more on its investing and trading global mission.

Oaperg will maintain its name with its logo, a birth from its roots, and continue to be led by its Chief Executive Officer and majority owner, Bamidele Adetayo. Carrying the portfolio, Oaperg is an engineering consultancy that hires development teams to support customers in North America and around the world in Ukraine, Africa, India. Its expertise will include consultancy, architectural design, creation, and quality assurance services for software development of enterprise systems and embedded systems (devices).

Oaperg emphasized that the offers of the two companies are “highly complementary around legacy and next-gen embedded software development services for several industries.”

Oaperg also plans to “deepen its vertical expertise and widen current offering for the wireless and cable/satellite providers’ ‘ an audience that has been aggressively targeted by the parent company for the past few years.

Deeper Eyes For Clients in Emerging Markets

Also is the motherland, Africa deserves a next-gen dependable engineering partner with a global portfolio that understands them and can deliver solutions to propel the African business value chain.

“Under the right conditions a neutron, travelling at just the right speed, is shot at the nucleus. Splits the nucleus into two pieces and energy is released. This energy is in the favor of our clients as we scale models and strategy of becoming a bigger IT partner.” said an employer who doesn’t want his or her name disclosed

Bamidelgroup claims that it will now have more hands on desk ability to offer specialty expertise around sensor data acquisition, real-time analytics, and modern cloud platforms. IoT-related domain knowledge will further enhance productivity and time-to-market for its existing clients in automotive, energy, technology and telecom verticals.